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[802SEC] It doesn't have to be either or

If you are inclined to vote against Rome, think before you vote for
Vancouver. Vancouver is not the logical alternative to Rome. If we can't
get a European or Asian venue this time, then the next best venue would
at least be non-NA. I know that people are afraid of Hawaii being seen
as a vacation trip. But I also know that it is very popular among our
participants coming from Asia, and it is definitely non-NA. Sure, it is
still the US, but does anyone other than Canadians (hi Mike) really view
Canada as being a non-American venue? Vancouver does little if anything
to ease the Americancentric appearance, and does nothing to alleviate
the travel burden of those from other continents. Rome may not be the
best choice, but neither is Vancouver. Until a venue is proposed that
addresses at least some of the problems we were trying to solve, I ask
you to reject switching to a random venue of convenience.

John Lemon

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