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Re: [802SEC] +++Motion to amend March 2009 venue from Rome IT to Vancouver BC+++urgent--please cast your vote quickly+++open: 26NOV07

I vote Approve. I would like to state a few reasons that I support  
this motion:

(1) The survey at the November 802 Plenary showed strong support for  
this choice.

(2) The available venue in the vicinity of Rome is poorly located and  
includes insufficient facilities. Although I have no personal  
experience of the hotel, it's hard for me to overlook the fact that  
one can track it down by searching the Internet for "Rome Hotel wild  

(3) The costs in Rome are too expensive. This would place 802 at risk  
for significant losses. Given that the 802 funds are in US dollars,  
the instability of the US dollar versus the Euro increases the  
uncertainty of that risk.

(4) The Vancouver venue is tried and tested. It has proven popular  
among past attendees. It has good air connections.

(5) While Vancouver is in North America, it is outside the US, which  
eases the visa situation for many participants and thereby addresses  
the most significant downside of meeting in the US.

(6) While I support non-North-American venues in principle, I do not  
see it as a critical to the organization to implement them rigidly.  
IEEE 802 standards take on international importance due to a number  
of factors, including global participation and global relevance.  
Worldwide meeting locations help, but the Working Groups already  
address that issue through their interims. Many international  
standards bodies, including some in ITU, hold virtually all of their  
"Plenary-equivalent" meetings (and, in some cases, almost all of  
their meetings) in a single city.

(7) We gain little global diversity by booking ourselves into a  
hotel. If we want to diversify, we need to build relationships. That  
means choosing venues in conjunction with local sponsors who want 802  
on their home turf. This will bring us into professional contact with  
the local industry and possibly government. Experience from interim  
sessions has shown that this builds longlasting relationships and  
global membership that lasts long after the power strips and servers  
have been packed and shipped.

We should strive for geographical diversity of our plenary sessions.  
Whatever we decide on March 2009, I'll commit myself to working with  
prospective hosts to get us at least one solid hosting offer,  
outsider North America, for March 2011.


On Nov 26, 2007, at 11:56 AM, Paul Nikolich wrote:

> Dear EC members,
> Since LMSC does not have any commitments that  are impossible to  
> undo the below motion is in order.  Buzz requested a quick  
> resolution to this ballot (under 3 days) because the potential  
> venues need a commitment from 802 soon, please cast your ballot as  
> quickly as possible.
> The ballot opens 2pm ET Monday 26NOV 2007 and closes the earlier of  
> 2pm ET 6DEC 2007 or 24 hours after all eligible EC members have  
> cast a vote.
> The motion under consideration:
> Moved Thaler, Second Grow: Motion to amend the "previously adopted  
> motion" to replace "Rome" with "Vancouver".
> Definitions:
> "the previously adopted motion" = "Motion to approve the selection  
> of Rome, Italy as the venue for the March 2009 Plenary Session",  
> 8/6/1 Passed
> (this is from item 10.02 nNA Plenary venue survey results and final  
> venue selection at the closing EC meeting.)
> Therefore the text under consideration is:
> "Motion to approve the selection of Vancouver, B.C. Canada as the  
> venue for the March 2009 Plenary Session"*.
> Regards,
> --Paul
> *note: I replaced the word "Italy" with "B.C. Canada" as an  
> editorial correction to the motion to amend
> ----------
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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.