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Re: [802SEC] 802.20 Sponsor Ballot Pool Invitation/Solicitation


When I fill out the form used to initiate the ballot group  
invitation, I am asked to specify the duration of the invitation. The  
default is 30 days. According to the IEEE-SA balloting FAQ:
"The invitation period usually stays open for 30 days, however this  
is at the discretion of the Sponsor Chair. Remember: our rules state  
that an invitation must remain open for a minimum of 15 days." You  
can see the Standards Board Operations Manual for more on this.

I'm old-school. I learned from my first Sponsor Chair, Jim Carlo,  
that a Sponsor Ballot invitation is 30 days. I was trained that  
Sponsor Ballot is intended to expose the WG's draft to outside  
scrutiny for the first time; that the purpose of the ballot is to  
improve the draft, not to approve it; that reviews and comments are  
the value of the ballot process and need to be encouraged, not  
avoided. Shortening the invitation could obviously have the effect of  
limiting outside review.

I've been under the impression that all the 802 projects use a 30-day  
invitation, but I don't know for sure. I don't know how the EC would  
feel about a shortened invitation.

I plan to continue to continue to use 30-day invitations. However, as  
usual, I'll do my best to plan ahead to avoid any impact to our  
development schedules.

If you (or other 802.16 members) have a different perspective on  
this, let's have a discussion at a future WG session.



> Roger,
> I received the following notification/solicitation to participate  
> in the
> 802.20 Sponsor Ballot pool via myProject in my IEEE web account on
> 21-Nov-2007:
> [snip]
> While I have questions as to the perhaps too quick initiation of this
> Sponsor Ballot Pool solicitation given that the matter of the  
> specific type
> of 802.20 Sponsor Ballot (individual, entity, or some other as yet  
> defined
> method) has yet to be determined by the IEEE-SA, per the ECís  
> request, and
> this solicitation may be either premature or superfluous, my  
> question is
> really on another aspect of the solicitation. Specifically, I note  
> that the
> solicitation has only a 17 day duration (Nov 21 through Dec 7) for
> response. In the past you have always enforced a 30 day Sponsor  
> Ballot Pool
> solicitation/formation period and that has caused us timing  
> problems on
> some occasions, creating delays in our initiation of Sponsor  
> Ballot. My
> question is: what is the rule for the minimum Sponsor Ballot Pool
> solicitation/formation period?
> Thanks,
> Phillip Barber
> Chief Scientist
> Wireless Advanced Research and Standards
> Huawei Technologies Co., LTD.

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