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[802SEC] accountability

While I appreciate the arguments and ideas that have been brought
forward during and after the debate on the motion to change the March
2009 plenary venue, I believe the EC is due a detailed report from the
Executive Secretary on how, with nearly three years to find a nNA venue,
we were presented with only single venue that many have found to be
highly unsatisfactory.

Specifically, I would like to know which venues were contacted for the
March 2009 plenary, a history of those contacts (initial and follow-up),
and why each of the venues was eliminated from consideration.

I realize this may be a bit like watching sausage being made.  But,
every now and then, we really should know what we are eating.  


Bob O'Hara
Cisco Systems - WNBU

Phone:  +1 408 853 5513
Mobile: +1 408 218 4025

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