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Re: [802SEC] +++10 Day Ballot+++Opens 07 March Closes 17 March



At 17:56 11/03/2008, greenspana@BELLSOUTH.NET wrote:
>The voting status of those eligible to vote on the motion below is as follows:
>CH: Paul Nikolich   - Did Not Vote
>ES:  Buzz Rigsbee   - Approve
>RS:  Bob   O'Hara    - Did Not Vote
>TR:  John Hawkins  - Did Not Vote
>01:   Tony Jeffree    -  Did Not Vote
>15:    Bob  Heile      -  Did Not Vote
>17:    John Lemon   -  Did Not Vote
>18:    Mike Lynch    -   Did Not Vote
>20:    Arnie Greenspan  - Approve
>The latest proceedure is attached for your review. If you have not 
>yet voted and are eligible to do so, please vote.
>Dear EC Members,
>The 802 Chair, Paul Nikolich, has delegated the conduct of the 
>following motion via 802 EC email ballot to me, Arnie Greenspan.
>Moved: The Unconflicted 802 EC members approve the attached
>Procedure, to be used in the event there is a request for a change 
>to an individuals block assignment during the 802.20 Sponsor ballot.
>Opens: 07 MAR 2008; Closes 17 MAR2008
>Mover: Arnie Greenspan
>Seconder: Buzz Rigsbee
>Unconflicted EC (UC EC) members regarding 802.20 WG matters are 
>eligible to cast a ballot on this issue.
>UC EC Voters:
>CH Paul Nikolich
>ES Buzz Rigsbee
>RS Bob O'Hara
>TR John Hawkins
>01 Tony Jeffree
>15 Bob Heile
>17 John  Lemon
>18 Mike Lynch
>20 Arnie Greenspan
>ME Geoff Thompson       non-voting
>EC members not eligible to vote:
>V1 Mat Sherman
>V2 Pat Thaler
>03 Bob Grow
>11 Stuart Kerry
>16 Roger Marks
>19 Steve Shellhammer
>21 Vivek Gupta
>22 Carl Stevenson
>This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email 
>reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.

This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.