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Re: [802SEC] 802 Chair's Guidelinesrevision 1.9


Title page --  Delete text after "participants" (leaving the period) as
edited in 1.0.

2.4, 1) --  Recent copies of the CD-ROM haven't included IEEE-SA nor
Computer Society documents as listed, something I think is a good thing.
I think this for the same reason why there is only one valid copy of
Sponsor P&P.  I would recommend deleting the second and third bullets.

2.5 -- It is my opinion that tutorials in support of a PAR under
consideration should be scheduled for Monday evening, since WG comments
on the PAR are due 5:00 pm Tuesday.  If you agree, do you wish to
capture in 3)?

2.6 -- The interim session portion needs revision on transfer of

2.9 -- The second paragraph should be updated to include affiliation in
the minimum for inclusion in minutes (in accordance with governing
documents (IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual,

2.10 -- Personally I'd explicitly list attorney client privileged
information even though covered under item 4.

2.11 -- I personally support the intent of this guideline.  But, as a
layman believe that this guideline encourages violation of IEEE's
copyright and is only appropriate if we have received an explicit
release from IEEE for this policy (I don't know if we have).  (I believe
the current copyright text on drafts to be more restrictive in regard to
this policy than the previous copyright text.)


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Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 1:11 PM
Subject: [802SEC] 802 Chair's Guidelinesrevision 1.9

With the correct attachment this time.


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From: "Paul Nikolich" <>
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Subject: 802 Chair's Guidelinesrevision 1.9

> Dear EC members,
> Attached is revision 1.9 of the 802 Chair's Guidelines.  This is a
> overdue action item on my part.  Other than several editorial changes,
> main changes are the addition of items 2.11 and 2.12.
> 2.11 Chair's guidelines regarding cross WG and TAG document and E-mail
> reflector access.
> 2.12 Chair's guidelines regarding Patent Policy announcement
> In order to make the editorial changes obvious, I left revision marks
> for
> everything except the 2.11 and 2.12 additions and format changes.
> Barring any objections (that include constructive criticism with
> for specific changes), I will replace the revision 1.8 Guideline with
> revision 1.9 Guideline on Saturday 6SEP2008.
> Regards,
> --Paul

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