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[802SEC] +++ LMSC P&P Revision Ballot Comment Resoloution +++ Creation of Operations Manual

EC Members and other interested parties,


Attached please find the following files:


080817 Ops Manual Ballot Comments - resolutions - editing status.xls

080817 Creation of Operations Manual Ballot Response Form.xls





080817 Feedback to Audcom.txt


I will request that these files be posted someplace appropriate on the
IEEE 802 website.


Please examine the updated files and provide any feedback.  I request
that feedback be provided by 9/30/08 so there is time to conduct further
comment resolution if needed before the November plenary.


Here are some detailed comments on the files:


080817 Ops Manual Ballot Comments - resolutions - editing status.xls:
This file summarizes all comments received, the recommended resolutions,
and editing status for those resolutions.  Comments marked green are
considered to have some level of consensus support.  Some comments are
marked in Red.  These are comments where the editing deviated from the
intended resolution for some reason or another (explained in the
document).  Please pay particular attention to these comments.  While I
encourage everyone to review all the editing, commenters should
particularly review the specific editing for their comments to ensure
they are satisfied with it. 


080817 Creation of Operations Manual Ballot Response Form.xls:  This is
a slightly updated form from the one used in the original ballot.  While
this is not a formal 'recirculation' ballot, if you have substantial
additional comments I encourage you to provide it on the form to make it
easier for me to compile.  If you only have a couple of short comments,
feel free to just send them in an e-mail to the reflector.


Draft_LMSC_PaP_080817_Mark_Up.pdf, Draft_LMSC_OM_080817_Mark_Up.pdf:
These documents include markups to show editing done in response to the
comments received.  Note that it was too complex to show all the editing
relative to the current P&P / AudCom baseline P&P. Instead the mark ups
are relative to the 'clean' copies circulated in the original ballot.


Draft_LMSC_PaP_080817_Clean.pdf, Draft_LMSC_OM_080817_Clean.pdf: These
documents are 'clean' versions of the P&P and OM and include all editing
in response to the comments received on this ballot.


080817 Feedback to Audcom.txt:  There were a number of comments
(including some of my own) where edits could not be made in response to
the comments because they were to sections that originate in the AudCom
baseline P&P and are marked un-editable.  This document captures those
comments and will be fed back to AudCom for their consideration.


Best Regards,





Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
Engineering Fellow 
BAE Systems -  Network Systems (NS) 
Office: +1 973.633.6344 
Cell: +1 973.229.9520 


This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.

Attachment: Draft_LMSC_PaP_080817_Clean.pdf
Description: Draft_LMSC_PaP_080817_Clean.pdf

Attachment: Draft_LMSC_OM_080817_Clean.pdf
Description: Draft_LMSC_OM_080817_Clean.pdf

Attachment: Draft_LMSC_OM_080817_Mark_Up.pdf
Description: Draft_LMSC_OM_080817_Mark_Up.pdf

Attachment: 080817 Ops Manual Ballot Comments - resolutions - editing status.xls
Description: 080817 Ops Manual Ballot Comments - resolutions - editing status.xls

Clause 1:
"In today?s marketplace, standards development plays a critical role in product development and market share."

Geoff Thompson -  This scentence is marketing BS.  Delete it.  New first scentence: " 'Name of Committee' operating under 'parent committee' is a standards developing sponsor of the IEEE Standards Association. As such, Name of Committee' operates under the policies of those organizations and is required to have documented policies and procedures that are approved by those orgnaization. This policies and procedures document is intended to fulfil that requirement.

"Adherence to these Operating Procedures is an essential asset in determining the applicability of IEEE?s indemnification policy."

Bruce Kraemer - The sentence refers to indemnification. I have no idea what that refers to. Who is being indemnified by means of the P&P? Where is that indemnification policy documented?  Either remove the sentence or add adequate links to the stated policy or rewrite to remove confusion.

Pat Thaler - Is this text we can change - some of the wording here is really odd. I can't tell what is meant by "essential asset in determining". Isn't adherence to the rules a requirement to qualify for coverage by the indemnification policy. This is a very stilted way of saying that. And on line 22, why "However" - 'however implies that what follows is somewhat in contradiction to what proceeded the however, but here it doesn't. "Therefore" would be more appropriate.  Fix if we are allowed.  (AudCom does not permit us to).

"However, for the IEEE Standards Sponsor ballot, there shall be a balance of interests without dominance by any single interest category."

Bruce Kraemer - "However" does not seem appropriate in the context of the sentence.  Remove the word "However".

John Lemon -  "However" implies opposition to the preceding.  Change ""However" to "Accordingly".

"Operating Procedures" 

Tony Jeffree - Lets keep the terminoloigy simple & consistent.  "Operating Procedures" -> "Policies & Procedures"

Clause 2

"c) Maintaining the standards developed by the Sponsor in accordance with the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual"

Tony Jeffree - All this needs to say is that we oversee authorized projects.  Change to: "Initiating and overseeing ballots of proposed IEEE standards under authorized projects"

"f) Cooperating with other appropriate standards development organizations" 

Tony Jeffree - Not sure that "appropriate" is appropriate.  Strike "appropriate"

"h)  Limiting distribution of the membership roster to appropriate parties"

Tony Jeffree - Don't know what that means.  Either strike or re-word along the lines of "Maintaining compliance with relevant legislation regarding the privacy of personal details of participants in Sponsor activities".

Pat Thaler -  What does this mean - how do we determine 'appropriate parties". Fix if we are allowed.



"a) Leading the activity according to all of the relevant policies and procedures"

Tony Jeffree - What is "the activity"?

"c) Appointing a person or group with responsibility for interpretations of all approved standards"

Pat Thaler - In 802, that has been delegated to the working groups - there is no one person or group developing interpretations for all approved standards - each working group generates its interpretations.  Remove? Or say that the chair is responsible for monitoring that Working Groups respond to interpretation requests.

"g) Delegating necessary functions"

Tony Jeffree - I don't believe that all necessary functions have to be delegated?  Add "where appropriate"

l) Prioritizing work to best serve the group and its goals

Tony Jeffree - What group?  group -> Sponsor

'For Sponsors with 50 or more voting members, a quorum shall be defined as 10% of the current total voting membership or 26, whichever is greater.'

Bruce Kraemer - The requirement for quorum is either "10% of the total voting membership or 26". 26 what? Is this supposed to be 26 voting members in attendance at the meeting?
If the WG11 voter pool is 300 people and 30 voting members attend a meeting requirements for Quorum are met- correct?

Add text that requires that Executive Sessions shall be minuted with the names of those participating, the matter under consideration, the rationale for the meeting being held in Executive session and any decisions and/or results that are not subject to the confidentiality requirements of the Executive Session.

'Notification of the potential for action shall be included on any distributed agendas for meetings.'

Pat Thaler - what is the impact of this shall? If a WG chair forgot to add an item to the agenda before the meeting, does this mean that the EC can't consider it?  Should the 'shall' be a 'should'?

'b) Formation of a subgroup, including its scope and duties'

Pat Thaler - Again subgroup needs definition. The should not be involved in formation or disbanding of task groups - it should be up to a WG and its Chair to organize WG internal structure.

Matthew Sherman - This section needs to allow for non-majority voting such as to have a higher than majority threshold for approval of special matter, to call a question as in Robert's rules, etc...


'The WG Chair or designee shall ensure that notification of meetings and ballots are issued to both the members of the BG, as well as, those working on the comment resolutions.'

Pat Thaler - This change should not be made. Our previous rules did not require Sponsor approval for WG or task group liaison statements. This change will make it difficult to respond to liaison requests at interim meetings.  Remove this requirement.


Attachment: Draft_LMSC_PaP_080817_Mark_Up.pdf
Description: Draft_LMSC_PaP_080817_Mark_Up.pdf

Attachment: 080817 Creation of Operations Manual Ballot Response Form.xls
Description: 080817 Creation of Operations Manual Ballot Response Form.xls