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Re: [802SEC] Electronic Participation in Interim Meetings


At 05:56 PM 1/10/2009 , Sherman, Matthew J. (US SSA) wrote:
> Would you participate electronically if you were required
> to pay the incremental costs for providing electronic
> participation? (Yes / No)

Such a system would not be fair to those who show up at the meeting. I see no reason why those who show up should not should their fair share of the overhead of putting on a meeting. That means, in my mind, that they pay full registration fee less any portion of that which is for local food and beverage.

When we are putting on a mixed meeting, it has significant overhead costs that remote attendees should share in. If folks start opting for remote participation over "being there" because they aren't supporting the cost of putting on the meeting, then it increasingly will drive the cost of that onto those who bother to come. I believe that we want the bias (if any) to be in favor of getting together physically, not against.

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