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[802SEC] 802.16 updates to Friday agenda


Here are some agenda updates and notes from 802.16:

(1) Please add the following MI under agenda item 6:
	802.16 WG operation with treasury

(2) Please delete the following:
	5.09	802.16h forward to RevCom (conditional)

(3) Regarding the following two items:
	802.16 Revision to RevCom
	802.16j forward to RevCom

I'd like to leave these on the agenda as MEs. However, it's possible that I might not actually make the motions. In both cases, the drafts have already been submitted to RevCom under Conditional Approval. Therefore, the only purpose of the motions is to authorize re- submittal in case the submittals are not approved. I don't believe that I actually need EC approval to do such a re-submittal when there are no substantive changes to the draft, but I'd like agenda time to discuss this.


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