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[802SEC] 802.1 agenda items and supporting materials

James -

I have the following agenda items for the closing EC meeting:

ME: P802.1aj to Sponsor ballot
ME: P802.1Qav to Sponsor ballot
ME: P802.1AR to Sponsor ballot
ME: P802.1X-REV to Sponsor ballot
ME: P802.1Qau to Sponsor ballot (conditional)

ME: P802.1Qbc draft PAR to NesCom
ME: P802.1Qbe draft PAR to NesCom
ME: P802.1Qbf draft PAR to NesCom
ME: P802.1AR draft PAR modification to NesCom
ME: P802.1aq draft PAR extension to NesCom

ME: P802.1Qav press release

II: Liaison letter to Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)
II: Liaison response letter to Broadband Forum


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