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Re: [802SEC] Disclaimers in 802 EC postings


It doesn't matter where the disclaimer appears, it is inappropriate to
post to the list.

If you received such a message and forward it to the public reflector,
then one of at least two things is true:
 1) You have a confidentiality requirement with the sender and so you
are violating that agreement by forwarding it to the list.
 2) You do not have a confidentiality requirement with the sender and
the sender should not have sent the information to you.

I want to amend my earlier statement.  If you have an email with a
confidentiality disclaimer, don't post it at all.  Ask the individual
who put the disclaimer on it to resend it without the disclaimer.

In any event, any post containing them anywhere in the message will be

James Gilb

Mike Lynch wrote:
> James,
> The disclaimer issue is understood. On at least the email from today when an
> .18 participant responded his employer's email system inserted the
> disclaimer at the end of the email. I failed to review the entire email
> string hence did not see it prior to forwarding to the EC.
> I guess it is too sophisticated a requirement for the system to know that
> the offending text is not from the person sending the email but may have
> been embedded during an exchange of emails. So I guess we have to review
> each email that is forwarded to the EC reflector.
> Regards,
> Mike
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> Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 19:33
> Subject: [802SEC] Disclaimers in 802 EC postings
> Dear 802 EC mailing list members.
> The IEEE mail server is able to detect (at least some) of the messages
> that contain confidentiality disclaimers.
> These messages are forwarded to the list moderator for approval (that is
>  me for this list).
> As this is an open list, confidentiality disclaimers are not only
> stupid, they are not allowed.
> Unfortunately, I recently approved a post that contained a
> confidentiality disclaimer.  I am sorry for any problems this has caused.
> The policy for the 802 EC mailing list is that any message that is
> referred to the moderator for approval will be rejected if it contains
> anywhere in the text of the message a confidentiality disclaimer.
> If you get a response from the mail server that says that your message
> has been referred to the moderator, you should check to see if a
> confidentiality disclaimer is present.  If so, repost the message
> without the disclaimer as I will be rejecting the post.
> If your company email system puts these on automatically, get a free
> webmail accounts from one of the many providers and use that for IEEE
> traffic.
> James Gilb
> 802 Executive Secretary
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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.