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[802SEC] PARs for November 2009 meeting

Dear EC members

I have updated the PARs page ( with
the PARs that I have seen to date posted to the EC reflector.

The 30 day deadline is fast approaching for sending these to the 802 EC
reflector. (My calculation is that it would be the morning of
10/17/2009, but I wouldn't suggest waiting until then.)

The PARs I have to date are:
    * 802.1Qbg amendment for edge virtual bridging, PAR  and 5C
    * 802.1Qbh amendment for bridge port extension, PAR and 5C
    * 802.1Qaz PAR modification for enhanced transmission selection for
bandwidth sharing between traffic classes, PAR
    * 802.11 amendment for TV white spaces operation, PAR and 5C
    * 802.11 amendment for prioritization of management frames, PAR and 5C
    * 802.16h PAR extension
    * 802.19 TV white space coexistence, PAR and 5 C
    * 802.21 amendment for single radio handovers, PAR and 5C
    * 802.3bf amendment for MAC service interface and management
parameters to support time synchronization protocols, PAR and 5C

If I have missed any, please let me know.

James Gilb
802 EC Recording Secretary

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