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[802SEC] 802 workshop Saturday 12 March

Dear EC members,

Question: I'd like to see how many of you will be in Singapore on Saturday 12 March and would be willing to participate in an "802 Workshop" for the local IEEE members.  The objective of the workshop would be to give attendees a high level understanding of the IEEE, the IEEE Standards Association, the "802-well-oiled-machine-style" standards development process, and a summary of the current standards and projects in each of your WGs and TAG.

So--who will be in Singapore on Saturday and be willing to participate in a workshop.  As a starting point, I'm thinking it should be less than 4 hours long, probably in the afternoon between 1pm and 5pm with one 15 minute break.

Possible agenda:

1) Welcome--Paul, 5 min
2) IEEE, IEEE-SA Overview--Paul, Bob Grow 10 min
3) 802-style standard dev process overview--Pat, Jon 10 min
4) SA/802-policy and procedure--Mat 10min
5) 802 Architecture--JamesG/Tony 10min
6) 802.1 overview--Tony   (all of these WG updates will be about 10min on average)
7) 802.3 -- David
8) 802.11 --Bruce
9) 802.15 --Bob
10) 802.16--Roger
11) 802.17--John
12) 802.18--Mike
13) 802.19--Steve
14) 802.20--Mark
15) 802.21--Subir
16) 802.22--Apurva
17) 802.23--Geoff
18) Wrap up--Paul

I'll put this on the agenda for our interim EC meeting call 1FEB too, but if you have input before then, please share it on the EC reflector.



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