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[802SEC] 802 workshop Saturday 12 March--updated agenda

Dear EC members,

Based on the feedback I've received, I've adjusted the presentation times to reflect the amount of material being covered, as well as who will be doing the presenting. See below. We will have to reduce the presentation times in order to finish by 5PM and give 15 minutes for Q&A at the end. Alternatively, we can allow Q&A during the presentations--but we'll have to observe strict time limits for each presentation to make sure we cover all the material in the 4 hours. I'm OK with going overtime as well, if we have a good audience with a dynamic discussion in process. I'll see if we can keep the room to 6PM if needed.

We should consider changing the order of presentations a bit when we meet 11AM Saturday (e.g., process, architecture, wireline, wireless; or some other logical grouping we agree on).



updated tentative agenda:

1) Welcome--Paul, 5 min
2) IEEE, IEEE-SA Overview--Bob Grow 5 min
3) 802-style standard dev process overview--Jon 5 min
4) SA/802-policy and procedure--Mat 5 min
5) 802 Architecture--JamesG/Tony 5 min
6) 802.1 overview--Tony 30 min
7) 802.3 -- David 30 min
8) 802.11 --Bruce 30 min
9) 802.15 --BobH 30 min
10) 802.16--MatS 30 min
11) 802.17--John 10 min
12) 802.18--Mike 5 min
13) 802.19--Tuncer Baykas 15 min
14) 802.20--Radikrishna 5 min? --missing preso--
15) 802.21--Subir 30 min
16) 802.22--Apurva 20 min
17) 802.23--Geoff 5 min? --missing preso--
18) Q&A
19) Wrap up--Paul

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