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Re: [802SEC] Proposed press release for formation of 802.24


For internal documents, we have the same process as any other group to
approve a document.  For public communications, we have the standard 802
process (e.g., what is done by 802.18 in .).

Nov. 2012 may be optimistic, but we have already completed one document
(a SIF for 802.15.4g) and I expect that we will get updates for 802.16
and perhaps 802.11 by November as well.

I will get the hyperlinks updated.

Tony, what do you want for the name of 802.1? I got the name from, which doesn't agree with I think it was the previous Recording Secretary that messed that up.

I will change "SG" to "Smart Grid"

James Gilb

On 10/16/2012 05:03 PM, Pat Thaler wrote:
Major comment: What's the review process for "white papers,
guidelines and presentations"?  The TAG was formed in July 2012 and I
don't see any drafts of such documents posted in its document area.
Based on that, I don't see how such WG products could have adequate
review and be released Nov 2012. Please remove that sentence or put
in a more realistic date. If the latter, start developing a process
for approval of non-liaison, non-standards-project documents and get
IEEE 802 EC acceptance of the process.

Other items: There are hyperlinks to the websites of most WGs but
802.1's is missing.

I don't think we use "LAN" in 802.1's name. After all, we do some
work that's more WAN focused such as Provider Bridging and OAM. It's
High Level Interface WG on the 802 WGs page.

Some of the groups use the older link instead of<n> links. Both get to the same place, but I'd suggest we
use the newer paths for all of them.

SG is a confusing acronym because usually in IEEE 802 it means Study
Group. Use Smart Grid TAG instead of SG TAG - it isn't that many

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I pre-circulating another press release, this one to announce the
formation of 802.24.  I am planning on a 6 day preliminary review
and will ask for an early close EC email ballot beginning early next

If you are a WG chair, check the text to make sure that the name of
your WG is correctly described.  Also check to make sure that your WG
has not been inadvertently left our (or has been inadvertently


James Gilb 802.24 TAG Chair

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