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Re: [802SEC] Change in WG treasury signatory requirements in WG P&P

Having searched through the Standards Board Bylaws, Standards Association Bylaws, Standards Board Operations Manual, and the IEEE Financial Operations manual, I can find no requirement that the Sponsor Chair be signatory on WG bank accounts.

In fact, I can find no requirement that any sponsor officer be a signatory on a WG bank account.  That requirement seems to be imposed by the LMSC.  So we (the LMSC) are free to change that.

On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 10:20 PM, Geoff Thompson <> wrote:
I believe that it is an SA requirement that the Sponsor Chair be on any bank account within his sponsorship.
(Actually, that seems like a perfectly reasonable requirement to me.)
Perhaps one of my colleagues who is a little more up to date on governance and SA requirements can chime in on this.

Therefore, if only one signature is to be added, it should be the chair.
I would expect that if the occasion arises that either the chair or the treasurer has to get into a WG bank account it is likely to be a one-time event to take over the account.  For an event of that magnitude, we are better having the chair be in on it.

Therefore, I will oppose any change to the P&P that puts anyone in 802 outside the WG onto the account if it does not include the 802 Chair.


On 1910//12 3:53 PM, James P. K. Gilb wrote:

If any of the changes are to go into the P&P, may I kindly suggest that we make them as part of the new P&P in November?

James Gilb

On 10/19/2012 02:45 PM, Clint Chaplin wrote:

One of my self-assigned tasks was to review all P&Ps, manuals, and the like
for any and all rules pertaining to my position.  One of the rules I came
across was a requirement in the WG P&Ps that all WG bank accounts add the
Sponsor Chair as a signatory.

My suggestion is that we require either the Sponsor Chair or the Sponsor
Treasurer to be added as a signatory on all WG bank accounts.  This change,
to me, makes sense in that the Sponsor Treasurer is explicitly tasked with
overseeing all WG treasurers.

I will be proposing modified text at some point to implement this change.

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Clint (JOATMON) Chaplin
Principal Engineer
Standards & Technology Enabling
Advanced Technology Lab
Samsung Electronics US R&D Center
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