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[802SEC] Conditional approval report for IEEE 802 Overview and Architecture revnision


Here is the report for conditional approval of IEEE 802 Overview and Architecture revision:

a) Recirculation ballot is completed. Generally, the recirculation ballot and resolution should occur in accordance with the schedule presented at the time of conditional approval.

Well, we said our schedule would be:
 - Next recirculation, starting 25 March 2014, 15 day ballot
 - Conference call to resolve comments 16 April, 2014, 8 am PDT
 - Follow-on recirculation starting 25 April 2014, 15 day ballot
 - Submit either for June RevCom or intermediate meeting.

So, we started the recirculation on 26 March 2014 (OK, a day late, but pretty much on track.). Then we held the an exciting and informative conference call on 16 April 2014 to resolve the comments. Next, defying all odds, the next recirculation began on 17 April, 2014 with 10 wonderful days to review the 4 changes to the draft.

Based on receiving only one out of scope comment from a kind and cooperative approve voter, I submitted the package to RevCom for consideration during the June 2014 meeting on 2 May 2014.

b) After resolution of the recirculation ballot is completed, the approval percentage is at least 75% and there are no new valid DISAPPROVE votes.

We are doing pretty good in that category, with only one remaining disapprove voter we are at 99% approval (152/153). We received no new disapprove votes (capitalized or otherwise).

c) No technical changes, as determined by the WG Chair, were made as a result of the recirculation ballot.

Since the only comment was out of scope, no changes were made as a result of the 4th recirculation ballot.

d) No new valid DISAPPROVE comments on new issues that are not resolved to the satisfaction of the submitter from existing DISAPPROVE voters.

We received no new disapprove comments. Not even a small one or a hint of one.

e) If the WG Chair determines that there is a new invalid DISAPPROVE comment or vote, the WG Chair shall promptly provide details to the Sponsor.

Since there was no new disapprove comments or vote, our esteemed, if yet untried, 802.1 Chair did not have to promptly do anything.

f) The WG Chair shall immediately report the results of the ballot to the Sponsor including: the date the ballot closed, vote tally and comments associated with any remaining disapproves (valid and invalid), the WG responses and the rationale for ruling any vote invalid.

Yep, sent out the results on 28 April, 2014.

James Gilb
Technical Editor/stuckee for IEEE 802 O&A.

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