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[802SEC] IEEE P802.22.3: Spectrum Occupancy Sensing (SOS) New PAR and Criteria for Standards Development

Dear All,


In compliance with the 30 day rule, attached are a draft PAR and CSD for and the new Spectrum Occupancy Sensing (SOS) Project that the IEEE 802.22 Working Group wishes to start.


These are being submitted for consideration and approval at the upcoming July Plenary.


The PAR and CSD documents may also be found on Mentor at:






Apurva N. Mody, Ph. D.

Chairman, IEEE 802.22 Working Group (

Chairman, WhiteSpace Alliance (

Phone: 404-819-0314


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Attachment: P802-22-3-spectrum-occupancy-sensing-EC-submission-July2014.pdf
Description: P802-22-3-spectrum-occupancy-sensing-EC-submission-July2014.pdf

Attachment: pdfcDYGrL9XTK.pdf
Description: 22-14-0061-05-0003-802-22-spectrum-occuoancy-sensing-criteria-for-standards-development.pdf