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[STDS-802-11-TGBI] Discussion on 'STA' vs 'non-AP STA' affiliated with a non-AP MLD


Hi All,


I’d like to follow up on the topic we touched during today’s TGbe MAC call (‘STA’ vs ‘non-AP STA’).


There were different opinions on the topic. I personally like explicitly calling out “non-AP STA affiliated with a non-AP MLD”.


I know it is a bit lengthy but it align with the definition of a non-AP MLD and avoid any ambiguity (as pointed out by the two comments).


“non-access point (non-AP) multi-link device (MLD): An MLD, where each station (STA) affiliated with the MLD is a non-AP STA.”



Gaurav Patwardhan


"A STA" and "A non-AP STA" is used interchangeably many times during Clause 35. Need to replace all the relevant occurences of "A STA" with "A non-AP STA". Commenting on this particular line as a placeholder.

as in comment


Graham Smith


I see many instances of "STA affilicted with a non-AP MLD".  Is this really also for an AP with a non-AP MLD?  Just checking. Should it be" non-AP STA affiliated with a non-AP MLD"?

Just check if this is for both a "non AP STA affililiated with a non-AP MLD" AND a "AP affililiated with a non-AP MLD"?


I’d like to hear more thoughts on the topic and hopefully conclude before the next TGbe MAC call (Monday 15th Aug) so that we can resolve the two comments during that call.



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