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RPR Standards Working Group Documents

This page lists current documents related to the development of the RPR standard. Each of these documents should be considered a living document and is subject to revision.


Version Date Description
802.17-2004 21 Apr 2004 802.17-2004 base MIB
802.17b-2007 14 November 2006 802.17 MIB including Spatially Aware Sublayer (SAS) extentions
802.17c-2010 17 March 2009 802.17 MIB including Protected Inter-Ring Connection (PIRC) extentions


Title Description
Blank Presentation Blank PowerPoint presentation for use in 802.17 meetings
Blank Motion Blank Motion template for use in 802.17 meetings
Draft Standard for IEEE Template Template for use in draft writing. Guide to is use is available here


Motions from individual meetings are reflected in the appropriate meeting minutes. These can be found under the apropriate Meeting Proceedings page.

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