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Meeting Proceedings

This page lists all meetings of the RPR Working Group and its predecessor, the RPR Study Group. Presentations given at those meetings, as well as meeting minutes, may also be found here.

Meeting Date/Location Meeting Type Link To Minutes
Final Actions Email NA
March 2011/Singapore Plenary Minutes
November 2010/Dallas, TX Plenary Minutes
July 2010/San Diego, CA Plenary Minutes
March 2010/Orlando, FL Plenary Minutes
November 2009/Atlanta, GA Plenary Minutes
July 2009/San Francisco, CA Plenary Minutes
March 2009/Vancouver, BC Plenary Minutes
November 2008/Dallas, TX Plenary Minutes
July 2008/Denver, CO Plenary Minutes
March 2008/Orlando, FL Plenary Minutes
January 2008/Teleconference Interim Minutes
November 2007/Atlanta, GA Plenary Minutes
July 2007/San Francisco, CA Plenary Minutes
May 2007/Geneva, CH Interim Minutes
March 2007/Orlando, FL Plenary Minutes
January 2007/London, UK Interim Minutes
November 2006/Dallas, TX Plenary Minutes
October 2006/Teleconference Interim Minutes
August 2006/Teleconference Interim Minutes
July 2006/San Diego, CA Plenary Minutes
June 2006/Sunnyvale, CA Interim Minutes
April 2006/Teleconference Interim Minutes
March 2006/Denver, CO Plenary Minutes
January 2006/Teleconference Interim Minutes
November 2005/Vancouver, BC Plenary Minutes
September 2005/Ottawa, ON Interim Minutes
July 2005/San Francisco, CA Plenary Minutes
May 2005/Piscataway, NJ Interim Minutes
March 2005/Atlanta, GA Plenary Minutes
January 2005/Ottawa, ON Interim Minutes
November 2004/San Antonio, TX Plenary Minutes
October 2004/Ottawa, ON Interim Minutes
July 2004/Portland, OR Plenary Minutes
June 2004/Teleconference Interim Minutes
May 2004/Teleconference Interim Minutes
April 2004/Toronto, ON Interim Minutes
March 2004/Orlando, FL Plenary Minutes
January 2004/Vancouver, BC Interim Minutes
November 2003/Albuquerque, NM Plenary Minutes
October 2003/Teleconference Interim Minutes
September 2003/Las Vegas, NV Plenary Minutes
August 2003/San Jose, CA Interim Minutes
July 2003/San Francisco, CA Plenary Minutes
May 2003/Montreal, PQ Interim Minutes
March 2003 /Dallas, TX Plenary Minutes
January 2003/Atlanta, GA Interim Minutes
November 2002/Poipu Beach, HI Plenary Minutes
September 2002/New Orleans, LA Interim Minutes
July 2002/Vancouver, BC Plenary Minutes
May 2002/Ottawa, ON Interim Minutes
March 2002/St Louis, MO Plenary Minutes
January 2002/Orlando, FL Interim Minutes
November 2001/Austin, TX Plenary Minutes
September 2001/San Jose, CA Interim Minutes
July 2001/Portland, OR Plenary Minutes
May 2001/Orlando, FL Interim Minutes
March 2001/Hilton Head, SC Plenary Minutes
January 2001/San Jose, CA Interim Minutes
November 2000/Tampa, FL Plenary Minutes
August 2000/Santa Clara, CA Interim Minutes
July 2000/La Jolla, CA Plenary Minutes
May 2000/Reston, VA Interim Minutes
March 2000/Albuquerque, NM Call for Interest Minutes
March 7, 2000 Tutorial  

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