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November 2000 Presentations

Summary of Meeting Minutes   B.J. Lee
Unapproved Meeting Minutes   B.J. Lee
Introductory Slides   Mike Takefman
Aug 2000 Interim Minutes and Actions (unaudited)
In Search of Fragmentation   Denny Gentry
Final RPRWG PAR   Mike Takefman
Final RPRWG 5 Criteria   Mike Takefman
Diffserv Switch Requirements   Juha Heinanen
iPT Header   Allan Pepper
Dynarc view of RPR   Frederick Thepot
RPR Market Data   Lauren Schlicht
Ring Traffic Convergence with Failures   Donghui Xie
Response to 802.3 Concerns   All of RPRSG
Presentation to 802.3   Mike Takefman
Current RPRWG Charter   Bob Love
RPR Alliance Presentation   Bob Love
SEC Opening Meeting RPRSG Presentation   Mike Takefman
SEC Closing Meeting RPRSG Presentation   Mike Takefman
802 Opening Plenary Presentation   Mike Takefman
802 Virtual Closing Plenary Presentation   Mike Takefman
All Motions for the week   Mike Takefman








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