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May 2001 Presentations

Author Rev Presentation Title
Zip Archive 01 Upload of Files on May 9, 2001
Zip Archive 01 Upload of Files on May 11, 2001
M. Takefman Final Final Agenda (pdf)
M. Takefman 01 Welcome Slides
M. Takefman 01 Next Meeting Slides
B.J. Lee 01 Final Minutes for March 2001 (pdf)
B.J. Lee 01 Final Minutes for March 2001 (doc)
M. O'Connor 01 Motions / Objectives Spreadsheet for March/May
M. O'Connor 01 May Motion Objectives Continued
M. Takefman 01 Master Objectives List from March 2001 (pdf)
M. Takefman 01 New Motions List from May 17,2001 (pdf)
K. Amer 02 Performance Ad-Hoc Summary Report
Paul Lebel 01 Bell Canada RPR Requirements (pdf)
Tony Lau 01 Global Crossing RPR Requirements (pdf)
Steve Plote 01 RPR Usage: A Carrier's Carrier Perspective
David Milliron 01 RPR Requirements: A CLEC Perspective
Lu Rovira 01 Entertainment Video over RPR
Italo Busi 01 RPR Service Analysis
Harmen van As 01 RPR Service Class and MAC Design
Harmen van As 01 Simple Rings and WDM Meshed Rings based on RPR
Italo Busi 01 RPR Deployment Requirements
Harry Peng 02 Fairness Requirements
Necdet Uzun 02 RPR Transit Buffer Schemes
Wollfram Lemppenau 02 Hardware Complexity of Store & Forward ...
Donghui Xie 01 SRP Store and Foward Performance Comparison(zip(pdf))
Gal Mor 01 Delay Variation in Cut Through and Store and Forward Models pdf
Sanjay Agrawal 03 RPR MAC Defintion and Implementation
Pankaj Jha 01 RPR MAC Data Transport and Buffering
Adisak Mekkittikul 02 Performance Issues and Requirements
Changcheng Huang 02 Performance of Nortel OPE - RPR Ring
Lewis Eatherton 01 Scaling the Worlds Largest Ethernet (pdf)
Stein Gessing 01 Preliminary performance results from a simple Java model (zip(pdf))
David James 02 David's Slides
Leon Bruckman, B.J. Lee 01 Recommended Solution for a Flexible Protection Scheme
Necdet Uzun 02 Weighted Fairness
Khaled Amer 02 Proposal for Fairness Index
Harsh Kapoor 02 RPR over SONET / SDH
Drew Glista 01 The Shunted Ring Fault Tolerant Network Physical Layerpdf
Yong Kim 02 Transparent Bridging in RPR
Nader Vijeh 02 RPR MAC Reference Model (pdf)
Steven Wood 01 Mapping Disparate Service Model into a Single RPR Standard
Jeanne de Jaegher 02 RPR QOS Requirements
Raj Sharma 02 Time to Market Views for RPR
Constantinous Bassias 02 RPR Requirements Based on Carrier's Objectives
Frederic Thepot 01 RPR Requirements and Common Grounds (pdf)
Ashwin Moranganti 02 Objectives and Technology Choices
Constantinous Bassias 02 RPR Terms and Definitions
Harry Peng 02 Terms and Definitions(zip(pdf))
Harmen van As 01 Terms and Definitions
Bob Sultan 01 Bob Sultan RPR Terms and Definitions (pdf)
Khaled Amer 02 Performance Committee Charter (pdf)
George Young 01 T1X1 Liason to 802.17 on GFP (pdf)
T1X1.5 Committee 01 T1X1.5 GFP draft from May 2001(pdf)
T1X1 Committee 01 T1X1 Liason Letter (pdf)








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