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January 2001 Presentations


Author Presentation Title
M. Takefman Final Agenda
B.J. Lee Preliminary Minutes
M. Takefman Welcome
M. Takefman RPRSG Summary
R. Love Winning Through Standards Development
A. Herrera, K. Amer IETF Update: IP Over RPR
B.J. Lee November Plenary Meeting Minutes
R. Bynum The Reality of Transmission Infrastructure
B. Sultan Fairness for Transparent LAN Service
P. Jha Scope Considerations for Link and PHY Layers in RPR
G. Mor Jitter and Wander of High Priority Traffic in RPR
D. James RPR: an SCI Perspective
R. Love What Will It Take To Create Our Standard
M. Takefman 802.17 Development Timeline
M. Takefman 802.17 Objectives
R. Love RPR Scope Free Discussion
M. Takefman 802.17 Adhoc Groups
K. Amer Performance Evaluation & Ad-Hoc
M. Takefman Discussion on Objectives
R. Love Discussion on What should be on the web-site
M. Takefman Planning the March Meeting
B.J. Lee Motion 01
B.J. Lee Motion 02







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