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March 2001 Presentations


Author Presentation Title
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Zip Archive March 28, 2001 Upload of Files
M. Takefman Current Agenda (some changes will still occur)
M. Takefman Welcome Slides
B.J. Lee Approved Minutes Jan 2001
M. Takefman 802.17 Administrivia
R. Sharma RPRSG Tutorial (Monday AM)
A. Herrera IETF IPoRPR Update
G. Young SBC RPR Requirements
S. Silvus Carrier Requirements and Operational Concerns
B. Johnson Excite@Home view of 802.17
T. Seely Use of SRP within Sprintlink
S. Wright RPR Requirements from a LEC Perspective
R. Bynum Virtual Private LANs
C. Coltro Network Requirements for RPR
B. Sultan RPR MAC Requirements
S. Wood RPR Scope and Objectives
L. Ramfelt RPR MAC Features and Requirements
H. Peng Datapath for RPR MAC Model and Considerations
P. Jha DIfferent Span Bandwidth Issues and Considerations
R. Sharma TDM Traffic on RPR
D. Zelig RPR Requirements for MAN / WAN
S. Akhtar RPR over SONET/SDH vs. Native RPR
O. Pazy Why we need to support lower rates than OC-48c
D. James Objectives, Requirements and Strategies
H. Peng GFP Truth and Myth
P. Jha Ring/Mesh/multiple Rings MAC considerations
H. Peng & N. Vijeh Transmit Path Requirements
J. Fu A Steering Based Protection Mechanism
P. Jha Topology Discovery, Fault Recovery and Restoration
N. Uzun Wrapping versus Steering
J. Fan RPR MAC Objectives: Protection Switching
L. Ramfelt RPR Protection Switching
N. Vijeh & H. Peng Interoperability Requirements
A. Brown Interoperability Requirements
L. Ramfelt Bandwidth Management
S. Agarwal Congestion Control and Fairness
B.J. Lee RPR MAC Model / Contention Resolution
K. Amer Simulation Results of a 10GE Ring
A. Mekkittikul Simulation Results
N. Vijeh & H. Peng What Do We Mean By Fairness
D. James SLA Compliant Arbitration (within previous presentation)
N. Vijeh Dynamic Bandwidth Control
D. Xie SRP Fairness and Simulation Results
O. Pazy Initial Suggestion for the MAC Client Interface
H. Van As Issues to be considered
G. Aybay Two Key RPR MAC Features
K. Amer Performance Ad-Hoc Summary Report







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