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January, 2002 Meeting Support Documents
Filename Ver Author Title
5 Mike Takefman Current agenda
mlt_admin_01.pdf 1 Mike Takefman Introductory Slides
minutes_111501_d01.pdf 2 Mannix O'Connor Draft Minutes of last meeting (Nov) for review and approval 1 John Hawkins All presentations zipped as of meeting end (11MB + !!)
- Stein Gjessing Pictures of the meeting
ProposedMotions_02.pdf 2 Robert Love Proposed Motions for Consideration
motions_012402p0_f01.xls 1 Mannix O'Connor Motions Decided (Process)
motions_012402p1_f01.xls 1 Mannix O'Connor Motions Decided Part 1
motions_012402p2_f01.xls 1 Mannix O'Connor Motions Decided Part 2
motions_012402p3_f01.xls 1 Mannix O'Connor Motions Decided Part 3
January, 2002 Presentation Documents
ag_cid_02.pdf 2 Anoop Ghanwani Customer ID
am_cong_01.pdf 1 Adisak Mekkittikul Congestion Management and Congestion Avoidance Internetworking
ch_dwhol_02.pdf 2 Chancheng Huang HOL Delay Bound for Darwin with 1 TB
dm_dwmac_04.pdf 4 David Meyer Darwin MAC Architecture
dvj_ttl_05.pdf 5 David James Bandwidth Reservations - Negotiating for Provisions
(all three of Dave's presentations are included in this file)
dvj_ttl_05.pdf 5 David James TTL Updates and Implications
(all three of Dave's presentations are included in this file)
dvj_ttl_05.pdf 5 David James Unified Topoloty Discovery/Heartbeat/Flow-control signaling
(all three of Dave's presentations are included in this file)
gm_dwprot_02.pdf 2 Gal Mor Darwin Protection
gm_mib_02.pdf 2 Gal Mor RPR MIB Structure
hp_dwfair_02.pdf 2 Harry Peng Darwin Fairness Algorithm
hp_phy_02.pdf 2 Harry Peng RPR Physical Layer Proposal
ib_fair_02.pdf 2 Italo Busi Transit Path and Fairness Behavior
ib_fairdraft_02.pdf 2 Italo Busi Transit Path and Fairness Behavior Draft
ib_prot_02.pdf 2 Italo Busi Topology and Protection Issues
ib_protdraft_01.pdf 1 Italo Busi Protection and Topology Draft
jh_dwovr_02.pdf 2 John Hawkins Darwin Overview
jk_dwtop_02.pdf 2 Jim Kao Darwin Topology Discovery
ka_perf_02.pdf 2 Khaled Amer RPR Performance
ka_sim_01.pdf 1 Khaled Amer Simulation Scenarios
2 Kanaya Vassani
Anoop Ghanwani
Access Algorithm & supporting text
lb_dwoam_02.pdf 2 Leon Bruckman Darwin OAM
rb_phy_02.pdf 2 Rhett Brikovskis PHY Update
rc_brdg_02.pdf 2 Robert Castellano Bridging
rc_brdgdraft_01.pdf 1 Robert Castellano 802 Bridging in 802.17 Network Proposal
rdl_prop_02.pdf 2 Robert Love Proposal for Moving Forward on Draft Development and Follow on Activities
sg_java_02.pdf 2 Stein Gjessing Lessons Learned from Java Simulations
sw_dwfrm_03.pdf 3 Steve Wood Darwin Frame Format
ta_outline_02.pdf 2 Tom Alexander Recommended Revisions to the 802.17 Draft Outline
ta_propstatus_01.pdf 1 Tom Alexander Current Status of 802.17 Proposals
vas_permac_03.pdf 3 Harmen van As MAC Performance Comparison
vas_resmac_03.pdf IKN_ResCycMac_03.pdf 3 Harmen van As Cyclic-Reservation Beats all MACs and associated draft text
vas_benmac_04.pdf 4 Harmen van As Fairness Benchmarking of MACs
vk_dwdel_02.pdf 2 Vassan Karighttam Delay and Jitter for Darwin with 2 TB
Darwin_v1_0.pdf 1 Various "Darwin" draft proposal