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September Meeting Support Documents
Filename Ver Author Title
sep_agenda_01.xls 1 Mike Takefman Current agenda
sep_agenda_01.pdf 1 Mike Takefman Current agenda
minutes_071301_d01.pdf 1 B.J. Lee,
M. O'Connor
Minutes from last meeting (Jul) for review and approval
t1x15_response_02.doc 2 George Young T1X1.5 Liason Letter on GFP
ka_perfterms_01.ppt 2 Khaled Amer Terms and Definitions Related to Performance
jh_cproc_01.pdf 2 John Hawkins What happens to my comments? (8.5MB) 1 John Hawkins Zipped archive of all files on this page (as of Sep 17th)
September Presentation Documents
ah_ietf_01.pdf 1 Albert Herrera IP over Resilient Packet Rings Update
am_mrm_02.pdf 2 Adisak Mekkittikul RPR MAC Reference Model {am_mrmdraft_01.pdf}
as_brdg_01.pdf 1 Ajay Sahai
Bob Sultan
Bridging Considerations   as_encbridge_01.pdf  as_natbridge_01.pdf
atf_gfp_02.pdf 2 Angela T. Faber GFP Considerations for RPR
bs_tmgt_01.pdf 1 Bob Sultan IEEE 802.17 Traffic Management Draft
cb_layer_02.pdf 2 Constantinos Bassias Proposal for Layer Management  {cb_layerdraft_01.pdf}
cch_op3_01.pdf 1 Changcheng Huang Performance Simulation of Nortel OPE-RPR Ring (III)
dg_efmoam_01.pdf 1 Denton Gentry 802.3ah OAM Objectives
dvj_flow_01.pdf 1 David V. James Flow Control
dvj_pfmt_01.pdf 1 David V. James Packet Formats
gmo_fairu_03.pdf 3 Gal Mor Improving Fairness Performance
hp_bwmgnt_03.pdf 3 Harry Peng RPR Bandwidth Management  {am_macdraft_01.pdf}
hp_grs_03.pdf 3 Harry Peng Generic PHY Specification  {hp_sphydraft_01.pdf}
ib_oamp_02.pdf 2 Italo Busi OAM in RPR
ib_vconc_02.pdf 2 Italo Busi Sonet/SDH Virtual Concatenation for RPR
jal_prot_02.pdf 2 John Lemon Proposal for Protection Algorithm {jal_protdraft_02.pdf}
jcf_topo_02.pdf 2 Jason Fan RPR Topology Discovery Proposal {jcf_topodraft_02.pdf}
jh_drover_02.pdf 2 John Hawkins Overview of a complete draft proposal
ka_ietfaug_01.pdf 1 Khaled Amer IEEE 802.17 Resilient Packet Ring WG (presented to IETF)
kv_drsum_01.pdf 1 Kanaiya Vasani Summary of a complete draft proposal
lbr_oam_01.pdf 1 Leon Bruckman OAM in RPR (draft_lbr_oam_01.pdf)
lbr_swis_01.pdf 1 Leon Bruckman Protection Initiation Criteria (draft_lbr_swis_02.pdf)
mh_brcom_03.pdf 3 Marc Holness RPR Bridging Compliance {mh_brdgdraft_01.pdf}
nu_fair_02.pdf 2 Necdet Uzun Weighted Fairness Algorithm and 3 Priority Support
nu_draft_01.pdf 1 Necdet Uzun Draft Standard for RPR
nu_mcp_03.pdf 3 Necdet Uzun Multi Choke Point Detection and Virtual Destination Queuing
nu_netarch_02.pdf 2 Necdet Uzun Network Architecture and Ring Aggregation
nu_prot_01.pdf 1 Necdet Uzun Wrapping and Steering Co-existence
nu_transit_02.pdf 2 Necdet Uzun Transit Path Design and Inter-Operability
pkj_mref_02.pdf 2 Pankaj K Jha MAC Reference Model for Port Management
pkj_top_01.pdf 1 Pankaj K Jha Topology Discovery and Fault Recovery
rb_phys_02.pdf 2 Rhett Brikovskis A Proposal To Use 10 Gigabit Ethernet PHYs for RPR {rb_ephydraft_01.pdf}
rc_ebridge_02.pdf 2 Robert Castellano Encapsulation Bridging and 802.17
rs_frame_02.pdf 2 Raj Sharma Frame Format for RPR {rs_framedraft_01.pdf}
sa_open_04.pdf 4 Siamac Ayandeh Merits of Open Loop
sa_transit_03.pdf 3 Sanjay K Agrawal RPR MAC Transit Path Design {am_macdraft_01.pdf}
sg_dpr_01.pdf 1 Stein Gjessing A Fairness Algorithm for Dynamic Spatial Reuse Avoiding HOL Blocking
sg_fcsim_01.pdf 1 Stein Gjessing Evaluation of an Enhanced Fairness Algorithm that Avoids HOL Blocking
sg_fcsim_02.pdf 2 Stevan Plote Traffic and Cost Model for RPR vs 1GbE and 10GbE Architectures
sw_frame_03.pdf 3 Steven Wood 802.17 Proposed Frame Format
sw_mrm_01.pdf 1 Steven Wood 802.17 Proposed MAC Reference Model
sw_sonet_01.pdf 1 Steven Wood PHY Layer Support
vas_cycmac_01.pdf 1 Harmen R. van As Cyclic-Reservation RPR MAC Protocol with Link-Fairness
vas_disres_02.pdf 2 Harmen R. van As Distributed Resource Reservation for RPR
vas_perfo_01.pdf 1 Harmen R. van As Performance Comparisson or RPR MAC Protocols
vk_fair_02.pdf 2 Vasan Karighattam A Near-ideal Fairness Scheme & Support for Real Time Services
vr_ethman_02.pdf 2 Vish Ramamurti Ethernet Transport over RPR
vr_sbcman_02.pdf 2 Vish Ramamurti MAN/WAN Interconnection Options for SBC
vtm_rprsdh_01.pdf 1 Vittorio Mascolo RPR Over SDH/SONET Protection Interaction 1 Various Authors A draft contribution for RPR (those in "{}" above)