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March, 2002 Meeting Support Documents
Filename Ver Author Title
1 Mike Takefman Final agenda
minutes_111501_d02.pdf 2 Mannix O'Connor Draft Minutes of last Plenary meeting (Nov) for review and approval
minutes_011502_d01.pdf 1 Mannix O'Connor Draft Minutes of last Interim meeting (Jan) for review and approval
1 Mike Takefman All Motions Passed in January
2056rev1.pdf 1 ITU SG 17 Cover Pages for ITU SG 17 Liason Draft
2053.pdf 1 ITU SG 17 Main Pages ITU SG 17 Liason Draft
IEEE_RPR_to_ETSI_SPAN.pdf 1 802.17 WG IEEE 802.17 Response to ETSI SPan
mlt_admin_01.pdf 1 Mike Takefman Introductory Slides 1 John Hawkins All presentations through March 15th
minutes_031502_d01.pdf 1 BJ Lee Minutes of this meeting
March, 2002 Presentation Documents
Filename Ver Author Title
ta_crp_01.pdf 01 Tom Alexander Comment Resolution Process
jl_top_02.pdf 02 John Lemon et al Topology Discovery Algorithm
clause10_topology_jl.pdf 02 John Lemon Topology Discovery Proposed text
cls7_proposal.pdf 01 Rhett Brikovskis Proposal for new text for Clause 7
vas_macrev_02.pdf 02 Harmen van As Critical review of MAC proposals
js_cycmac_02.pdf 02 Jon Schuringa Cyclic Demand Advertisment significantly raises MAC performance
ek_mac_02.pdf 02 Ed Knightly Achieving High Performance with Darwin's Fairness Algorithm
js_macperf_02.pdf 02 Jon Shuringa Performance Comparison of MAC Proposals>
ch_inter_01.pdf 01 ChangCheng Huang Interworking of 1TB and 2TB for Darwin
dvj_bw_01.pdf 01 David James Setting Bandwidth Allocations
ag_mac_model_03.pdf 03 Anoop Ghanwani Developing State Machines for 802.17
dvj_crc_01.pdf 01 David James CRC Checking
dvj_tds_01.pdf 01 David James Time of Day Synchronization
mh_sid_03.pdf 03 Marc Holness 802.17 MAC and Station Identification Analysis
IKN_fairness_01.pdf 01 Harmen van As Description of IKN Fairness
dvj_tb2_01.pdf 01 David James Setting Bandwidth Allocations

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