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Re: [802.3_1PPODL] Comment Responses - Draft Review : Meeting start time 9:30am on 9/13/2016

Dan & task force -
Regarding comment r01-36
We had some considerable discussion about the applicability of ISO 26262 in San Diego.  The requested language from the commenter came after discussion with representatitves from the automotive industry.  They desired specific reference to ISO26262, but with the escape clause for when the application does not require it.  (I can't speak definitively as to what the applications that don't require it are, so I would suggest using the general language that they agreed upon for 802.3bw, which the commenter has provided).  It is not duplicative with the general compliance statement which follows that text, and the auto industry is sensitive to wanting certain specs called out in standards.  I respectfully request that the Comment Resolution Committee reopen and reconsider accepting this comment from Andy Gardner.  

I apologize that I am not personally in the room to represent this view.

George A. Zimmerman, Ph.D.
President & Principal Consultant
CME Consulting, Inc.
Experts in PHYsical Layer Communications

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The Task Force has produced a set of DRAFT responses to the 43 comments we received during D3.1.

I have uploaded them to the following URL for your review with the hope that ANY issues found can be resolved tomorrow prior to closure of our Task Force meeting.

Tomorrow's meeting will start at 9:30AM in Texas D. Please plan to arrive on time so we can complete our work as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Dan Dove
Chair, IEEE P802.3bu PoDL Task Force