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[802.3_SPEP2P] [GT10MSPE] Website update, work towards next meeting

Thank you all for (what I thought was) a productive meeting today, and thank you to Steve Carlson for stepping up as our Vice Chair.

The Study group made significant progress on some consensus objectives which I hope will be a start to getting us all on the same page for a vision of next-gen long-reach SPE.

Please see the website for the unconfirmed minutes and the current draft objectives, including those we seem to have consensus on, and (especially) those that need work.


Please use the reflector to build consensus (perhaps for those that need better wording), and bring presentations to support consensus on objectives based on the CSDs.  We still need to resolve the big ticket items of reach and whether we include 1000 Mb/s – both of these need presentations to support.


Please note that the time for our Study Group is running short.  We will need to be extended at the November Plenary, and if we have not made substantial progress an extension may be difficult to obtain.  Our next meeting is Wednesday October 27, from 7-9am pacific.  That is our last meeting before the plenary week, so we need to make progress there.


We had good discussion around a few objectives today, particularly latency and reach needed for 100 Mb/s.  Please consider what is needed to bring objectives on those to consensus (or consensus some are not needed).

If we are to include 1000 Mb/s, we especially need presentations from PHY SMEs on technical feasibility and characteristics (such as  latency, reach, and cabling bandwidth needed) for 1000 Mb/s PHYs in line with the other CSDs.


Please see the posted minutes, or you may contact me directly, if you have questions on what would be useful.


George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Chair, IEEE 802.3 Greater than 10 Mb/s Long-Reach Single Pair Ethernet Study Group

President & Principal

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in Advanced PHYsical Communications




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