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[802.3_SPMD] Straw Poll about DPLCA

Hello 802.3da,
during today's meeting I would have liked to ask for an informal straw poll but unfortunately we ran out of time.
The question is the following:

I support adding a method for dynamically assign PLCA node IDs in the physical layer based on the idea presented in and

Pick one:
    a) Yes
    b) No
    c) I support the idea in principle, but I need more time to review the proposal

I kindly ask you to answer via email. Please see the instructions below.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO ALL. Replies should be made directly to me (mailto:piergiorgio.beruto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx).
Please, just compile the subject as follow: [DPLCA] #option
For example: [DPLCA] #a

That would help me in collecting the results.
In case you have questions/comments/concerns on the the straw poll itself or the aforementioned presentations, please use the reflector instead (STDS-802-3-SPMD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Kind Regards,

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