IEEE P802.3av 10GEPON Task Force

IEEE 802.3av Interim Meeting
Shanghai, P.R.China
8-9 June, 2009

Presentation Materials

# Presenter Company Presentation Title File
      All files in zip format (0.7 MB)
Agenda, Minutes, and General Information
  Glen Kramer Teknovus Meeting Agenda 3av_0906_agenda.pdf
  Jeff Mandin PMC Sierra April 2009 Meeting Minutes (Approved) 3av_0904_minutes_approved.pdf
  Alan Brown Enablence Technologies June 2009 Meeting Minutes (Unapproved) 3av_0906_minutes_unapproved.pdf
  Glen Kramer Teknovus Task Force Motions and Closing Remarks
Comment Resolution
      Received comments (without proposed responses) 3av_0906_comments_d3_3_received.pdf
      Comments with proposed responses 3av_0906_comments_d3_3_proposed.pdf
      Comments with accepted responses 3av_0906_comments_d3_3_accepted.pdf
Comment Supplements
1 Marek Hajduczenia ZTE Supplement to comment 41 3av_0906_hajduczenia_2.pdf
Post-deadline and from-the-floor submissions
1 Marek Hajduczenia ZTE Supplement to comment 50 3av_0906_hajduczenia_3.pdf
2 Marek Hajduczenia ZTE Revised supplement to comment 50 3av_0906_hajduczenia_4.pdf

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