IEEE P802.3bq 40GBASE-T Task Force

Plenary Meeting Material
March 19-20, 2014
Beijing, China

Meeting Materials - 20-March-2014 - 8MB

General Information

Agenda and General Information

David Chalupsky

Unapproved Minutes

George Zimmerman CME Consulting
Liaisons and Communications


Title Post Date Presenter  Affiliation
Channel Modeling Ad Hoc Report 16-March-2014 Pete Cibula
Brad Booth
PHY Baseline Proposal Ad Hoc Report 15-March-2014 George Zimmerman CME Consulting, Commscope, Aquantia
Use Case Analysis for 40GBase-t 19-March-2014 Bob Wagner Panduit
40GBASE-T ARJ45 ICM 15-March-2014 Victor Renteria Bel
Test Data: Transmission Characteristics of Channels utilizing ARJ45 Connectors 15-March-2014 Richard Marowsky, Yakov Belopolski Bel
10m Connectorless 40G Direct Cable Channel 15-March-2014 Ron Nordin,          
Bob Wagner
Initial Measurements of System Background Noise in 10GBASE-T Systems 19-March-2014 Pete Cibula,       
Dave Chalupsky
An End User Perspective of 10GBASE-T Time-To-Link and Some Implications for 40GBASE-T PHYs 19-March-2014 Pete Cibula,       
Dave Chalupsky
PBO in 40GBase-T 15-March-2014 Peter Wu Marvell
Update on PHY Baseline Strawman 19-March-2014 George Zimmerman CME Consultng, Commscope, Aquantia


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