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1-Pair Power over Data Lines (PoDL)
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November 2015 Meeting Material
November 9, 2015, Dallas, TX
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Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
All Files (zipped) 2MB/7-November-2015
Unapproved Minutes 8KB/11-July-2015
Agenda and General Information 8KB/11-July-2015 Dave Dwelley Linear Technology
A Power Solution for Automotive Applications 213KB/4-November-2015 Ahmad Chini Broadcom
Revised 802.3bu PICS (clean) 233KB/6-November-2015 Craig Chabot UNH-IOL
Revised 802.3bu PICS (changes marked) 244KB/6-November-2015 Craig Chabot UNH-IOL
PoDL Tutorial Final 1MB/6-November-2015 Dave Dwelley Linear Technology

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