IEEE P802.3ca 50G-EPON Task Force

Meeting Materials

September 13-15, 2016
Fort Worth, TX, USA
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Agenda, Minutes, Administrative Matters
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Meeting agenda agenda_3ca_1a_0916.pdf
88KB | 13-Sep-2016 10:02:42 EDT
General Information and Opening Remarks Curtis Knittle CableLabs tf_opening_3ca_1a_0916.pdf
2.0MB | 16-Sep-2016 16:28:31 EDT
Approved Minutes of July 2016 meeting minutes_approved_3ca_0716.pdf
424KB | 1-Aug-2016 14:42:33 EDT
Motions and Straw Polls motions_3ca_1_0916.pdf
159KB | 19-Sep-2016 20:41:23 EDT
Draft liaison response to BBF re. NetConf(NC)/YANG management for PON Mark Laubach Broadcom IEEE_802d3_to_BBF_0916_draft.pdf
47KB | 20-Sep-2016 12:08:21 EDT
Chair's Closing Report Curtis Knittle CableLabs tf_closing_3ca_1_0916.pdf
318KB | 19-Sep-2016 15:26:57 EDT
Unapproved Minutes of September 2016 meeting minutes_unapproved_3ca_1a_0916.pdf
428KB | 11-Oct-2016 13:36:27 EDT
Technical Contributions
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
100G-EPON Wavelength Plan solution candidates Dekun Liu Huawei Technologies liu_3ca_1_0916.pdf
751KB | 6-Sep-2016 18:37:59 EDT
The cross-generational optical level issues in 1+3 Architecture Dekun Liu Huawei Technologies liu_3ca_2_0916.pdf
749KB | 6-Sep-2016 18:38:18 EDT
25G APD performance updates Dong Pan SiFotonics Technologies pan_3ca_1_0916.pdf
850KB | 6-Sep-2016 18:38:25 EDT
A proposal to decouple connectivity from media access Glen Kramer Broadcom kramer_3ca_1b_0916.pdf
267KB | 6-Sep-2016 18:38:47 EDT
Multi-Point Reconciliation Sublayer (MPRS) [Upstream Direction] Glen Kramer Broadcom kramer_3ca_2c_0916.pdf
675KB | 9-Sep-2016 18:59:13 EDT
Multi-Point Reconciliation Sublayer (MPRS) [RS Input Process demystified] Duane Remein Huawei Technologies remein_3ca_1_0916.pdf
324KB | 6-Sep-2016 18:38:33 EDT
MPCP directed fragment reception Duane Remein Huawei Technologies remein_3ca_2_0916.pdf
316KB | 6-Sep-2016 18:38:38 EDT
Operator Consensus for NG-EPON Phil Miguelez Comcast miguelez_3ca_1a_0916.pdf
1.1MB | 9-Sep-2016 18:57:48 EDT
Available O-Band WDM Spectra for 100G EPON Eugene Dai Cox Communications dai_3ca_1b_0916.pdf
1.8MB | 11-Sep-2016 02:34:12 EDT
Split-band Wavelength Plans for 100G EPON Eugene Dai Cox Communications dai_3ca_2c_0916.pdf
1.7MB | 16-Sep-2016 16:31:00 EDT
MPCP and SDN - Make 100G EPON Going Further Eugene Dai Cox Communications dai_3ca_3b_0916.pdf
1.6MB | 11-Sep-2016 02:35:01 EDT
100G EPON Laser Safety Issues Bill Powell Nokia powell_3ca_1a_0916.pdf
217KB | 14-Sep-2016 11:19:01 EDT
25G/50G/100G EPON architectures: 1+3 vs. 1+4 Ed Harstead Nokia harstead_3ca_1a_0916.pdf
570KB | 13-Sep-2016 09:58:41 EDT
25G/50G/100G EPON wavelength plan B Ed Harstead Nokia harstead_3ca_2a_0916.pdf
535KB | 13-Sep-2016 09:58:56 EDT
25G/50G/100G EPON wavelength plan C Ed Harstead Nokia harstead_3ca_3a_0916.pdf
830KB | 13-Sep-2016 09:59:05 EDT
25G/50G/100G EPON wavelength plan comparisons Ed Harstead Nokia harstead_3ca_4a_0916.pdf
797KB | 13-Sep-2016 09:59:13 EDT
Updates for 25G NRZ using 10G APD Yong Guo ZTE Corporation guo_3ca_1_0916.pdf
1.0MB | 7-Sep-2016 13:30:48 EDT
Use of SOAs in NG-EPON John Johnson Broadcom johnson_3ca_3_0916.pdf
177KB | 7-Sep-2016 13:31:00 EDT
Impact of pre-coding and high gain FEC on 25, 50 & 100G EPON Vincent Houtsma Nokia Bell Labs houtsma_3ca_1_0916.pdf
474KB | 7-Sep-2016 13:31:06 EDT
Wavelength "Plan A" — All channels in O-Band John Johnson Broadcom johnson_3ca_1a_0916.pdf
622KB | 13-Sep-2016 09:58:10 EDT
Wavelength "Plan D" — O-Band US, C-band DS John Johnson Broadcom johnson_3ca_2a_0916.pdf
741KB | 13-Sep-2016 09:58:21 EDT
Post-deadline Presentations
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Submissions from the floor
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25G/50G/100G EPON architectures: 1+3 vs. 1+4 (modified during presentation) Ed Harstead Nokia harstead_3ca_1b_0916.pdf
571KB | 16-Sep-2016 18:14:23 EDT
25G/50G/100G EPON wavelength plan B (modified during presentation) Ed Harstead Nokia harstead_3ca_2b_0916.pdf
536KB | 16-Sep-2016 18:14:35 EDT
25G/50G/100G EPON wavelength plan C (modified during presentation) Ed Harstead Nokia harstead_3ca_3b_0916.pdf
832KB | 16-Sep-2016 18:14:45 EDT
25G/50G/100G EPON wavelength plan comparisons (modified during presentation) Ed Harstead Nokia harstead_3ca_4b_0916.pdf
802KB | 22-Sep-2016 12:38:40 EDT
Input required for wavelength plan decision Ed Harstead Nokia harstead_3ca_5_0916.pdf
188KB | 22-Sep-2016 12:39:07 EDT
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