IEEE P802.3ca 50G-EPON Task Force

Meeting Materials

May 23-26, 2017
New Orleans, LA, USA
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18MB | 19-Jun-2017 19:32:32 EDT
Agenda, Minutes, Administrative Matters
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Meeting agenda agenda_3ca_1_0517.pdf
37KB | 26-May-2017 21:49:21 EDT
General Information and Opening Remarks Curtis Knittle CableLabs tf_opening_3ca_1_0517.pdf
1.7MB | 26-May-2017 21:47:43 EDT
Approved Minutes of the March 2017 meeting minutes_approved_3ca_0317.pdf
375KB | 23-Mar-2017 13:12:41 EDT
Chair's Closing Report Curtis Knittle CableLabs tf_closing_3ca_1_0517.pdf
218KB | 30-May-2017 14:51:38 EDT
Unapproved Minutes of May 2017 meeting minutes_unapproved_3ca_0517.pdf
160KB | 19-Jun-2017 19:31:53 EDT
Comments on 802.3ca Draft
# Title File
Received comments against D0.3 802d3ca_D0_3_received.pdf
118KB | 16-May-2017 14:29:06 EDT
Approved comments against D0.3 802d3ca_D0_3_approved.pdf
120KB | 26-May-2017 23:50:10 EDT
Supplemental file for comment #8 Marek Hajduczenia Charter Corporation hajduczenia_3ca_1_0517.pdf
81KB | 26-May-2017 20:45:08 EDT
Supplemental file for comment #8 (modified by TF) Marek Hajduczenia Charter Corporation hajduczenia_3ca_1a_0517.pdf
104KB | 26-May-2017 23:50:16 EDT
Technical Contributions
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
Feasibility analysis of DML with 7nm Pass band Dekun Liu Huawei Technologies liudekun_3ca_5_0517.pdf
1.0MB | 16-May-2017 14:28:55 EDT
Suppression of Four-Wave-Mixing (FWM) for 100G-EPON Xiang Liu Futurewei Technologies, Huawei R&D USA liuxiang_3ca_1_0517.pdf
354KB | 16-May-2017 14:29:02 EDT
Unified Wavelength Grid and Plan for 100G-EPON Xiang Liu Futurewei Technologies, Huawei R&D USA liuxiang_3ca_2_0517.pdf
841KB | 16-May-2017 14:29:12 EDT
Tilted Power Budgets Frank Effenberger Huawei Technologies effenberger_3ca_1_0517.pdf
381KB | 16-May-2017 14:29:16 EDT
Wavelength Plan Z Frank Effenberger Huawei Technologies effenberger_3ca_2_0517.pdf
219KB | 16-May-2017 14:29:20 EDT
SOA pre-amplified upstream signal power in 100G-EPON Hanhyub Lee ETRI lee_3ca_1_0517.pdf
665KB | 16-May-2017 14:29:43 EDT
LDPC for 100G EPON Dianbo Zhao Huawei Technologies zhao_3ca_1_0517.pdf
343KB | 16-May-2017 14:30:07 EDT
10Gbps US option for 25G aymmetric PON Dianbo Zhao Huawei Technologies zhao_3ca_2_0517.pdf
278KB | 16-May-2017 14:30:11 EDT
Analysis of Multi-channel Crosstalk with SOA as Pre-amplifier in 100G EPON Dekun Liu Huawei Technologies liudekun_3ca_1_0517.pdf
1.8MB | 16-May-2017 14:30:15 EDT
A new compromise wavelength plan for 100G EPON Dekun Liu Huawei Technologies liudekun_3ca_2_0517.pdf
369KB | 16-May-2017 14:30:24 EDT
100G EPON Wavelength plan comparison Dekun Liu Huawei Technologies liudekun_3ca_3_0517.pdf
376KB | 16-May-2017 14:30:28 EDT
Some more optical vendors input on 25G transmitters Dekun Liu Huawei Technologies liudekun_3ca_4_0517.pdf
316KB | 16-May-2017 14:30:37 EDT
Are uncooled optical transceivers for 25Gb/s DS0/US0 practical? Moonsoo Park OE Solutions America park_3ca_1_0517.pdf
218KB | 16-May-2017 14:34:53 EDT
Required Spectrum Mask for 25Gb/s Burst Mode Signal Moonsoo Park OE Solutions America park_3ca_2b_0517.pdf
906KB | 26-May-2017 20:50:12 EDT
FEC proposal for NGEPON Mark Laubach Broadcom laubach_3ca_1_0517.pdf
1.6MB | 16-May-2017 14:41:24 EDT
Omega 256 structured interleaver seed code Mark Laubach Broadcom laubach_3ca_2_0517.txt
19KB | 16-May-2017 14:31:11 EDT
Parity code matrix for LDPC(18493,15677) Mark Laubach Broadcom laubach_3ca_3_0517.txt
2.6KB | 16-May-2017 14:31:21 EDT
/S/ Character Alignment Glen Kramer Broadcom kramer_3ca_1_0517.pdf
238KB | 16-May-2017 14:31:24 EDT
The challenges of supporting 25G/10G operation Glen Kramer Broadcom kramer_3ca_2_0517.pdf
144KB | 16-May-2017 14:31:27 EDT
Evaluation Results on Lock Performance of 10G and 25G CDRs Daisuke Umeda Sumitomo Electric Industries, LTD. umeda_3ca_1_0517.pdf
459KB | 16-May-2017 14:31:44 EDT
25G/10G/1G triple-rate upstream receiver based on single 10G APD/TIA Vincent Houtsma Nokia Bell Labs houtsma_3ca_2_0517.pdf
659KB | 16-May-2017 14:31:51 EDT
High gain FEC and CDR locking for 25G NRZ Vincent Houtsma Nokia Bell Labs houtsma_3ca_1_0517.pdf
1.2MB | 16-May-2017 14:34:01 EDT
25G DML Wavelength Shift Measurement for 25G EPON ONU Wavelength Shift Estimate with Burst Mode Huanlin Zhang Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. (AOI) zhang_3ca_1_0517.pdf
1.0MB | 16-May-2017 14:33:42 EDT
Selection of 100G-EPON wavelength plan Yong Guo ZTE Corporation guo_3ca_1_0517.pdf
517KB | 16-May-2017 14:33:45 EDT
100G-EPON power budget suggestions Yong Guo ZTE Corporation guo_3ca_2_0517.pdf
423KB | 16-May-2017 14:33:56 EDT
PON ONU Requirements in Broadband Networks Phil Miguelez Comcast miguelez_3ca_1_0517.pdf
784KB | 16-May-2017 14:34:04 EDT
Post-deadline Presentations
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
100G EPON resilience requirements for network transport applications Eugene Dai Cox Communications dai_3ca_1_0517.pdf
644KB | 17-May-2017 13:57:02 EDT
PR30 Link Budget Considerations from a Component Perspective Ken Jackson Sumitomo jackson_3ca_1b_0517.pdf
1.1MB | 20-May-2017 01:14:47 EDT
MPCP messages Duane Remein Huawei Technologies remein_3ca_2_0517.pdf
326KB | 20-May-2017 22:53:01 EDT
MPCP+ messages Duane Remein Huawei Technologies remein_3ca_1b_0517.pdf
290KB | 21-May-2017 00:50:10 EDT
Submissions from the floor
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
Suppression of Four-Wave-Mixing (FWM) for 100G-EPON Xiang Liu Futurewei Technologies, Huawei R&D USA liuxiang_3ca_1a_0517.pdf
408KB | 26-May-2017 20:34:01 EDT
FEC proposal for NGEPON - updated Mark Laubach Broadcom laubach_3ca_4_0517.pdf
952KB | 26-May-2017 20:34:12 EDT
One more wavelength plan ... Marek Hajduczenia Charter Corporation hajduczenia_3ca_2_0517.pdf
142KB | 26-May-2017 20:34:25 EDT
Wavelength Plan Discussion Glen Kramer Broadcom kramer_3ca_3_0517.pdf
55KB | 30-May-2017 14:57:22 EDT
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