IEEE 802.3 Improving PTP Timestamping Accuracy Task Force

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Virtual Meeting
November 17, 2020

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General Information
Agenda and General Information Nov. 17, 2020 Steve Gorshe
Microchip Technology
Approved Previous Minutes Sept. 2020 
Dino Pozzebon
Microchip Technology
Approved Previous Minutes Oct. 2020 ad hoc 
Steve Gorshe
Microchip Technology
Unapproved minutes of this meeting  
Silvana Rodrigues
Liaison Letters
Timestamping Inaccuracy Sources and Considerations
Further Considerations on Multi-PCS Distribution Delay
Xiang He
Comparison and Proposal for Multi-PCS Lane Distribution Path Delay Variance Nov. 17, 2020 Richard Tse
Microchip Technology
Proposal for Message Timestamp Point Nov. 17, 2020 Richard Tse, David Law
Microchip, H.P.E
Timestamping with Transmitter Skew: Follow-Up and Proposed Amendments
Andras de Koos
Microchip Technology
Higher Accuracy for IEEE 802.3 PCS Path Data Delay Registers Nov. 17, 2020 Richard Tse, Marek Hajduzenia
Microchip, Charter
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