IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile Task Force

IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile Task Force - October, 2001 Presentation Materials
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MEETING MINUTES July, 2001 Meeting Minutes minutes_07_2001.pdf
MEETING MINUTES October, 2001 Meeting Minutes minutes_10_2001.pdf
1 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems Agenda and General Information agenda_1_0901.pdf
2 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems PAR and 5 Criteria par_1_0701.pdf
3 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems EFM SG Objectives objectives_1_0701.pdf
4 Gerry Pesavento Alloptic EPON work plan pesavento_1_0901.pdf
5 Vipul Bhatt Finisar Optical PMD work plan bhatt_2_0901.pdf
6 Hugh Barrass Cisco Systems Copper PMD work plan barrass_2_0901.pdf
7 Matt Squire Hatteras Networks OAM work plan squire_1_0901.pdf
Liaison Letters
8 802.16 Letter 80216-01_46.pdf
9 Response to 802.16 Letter EFM_2_802_16.pdf
10 ITU-T SG 15 Liaison Letter SC-097R2.pdf
11 Response to ITU-T SG 15 Liaison Letter EFMITUcommOctober.pdf
Presentations Related to Requirements and Objectives
12 Shane Gunning Agere Operator Service Requirements for P2MP fiber gunning_1_0901.pdf
13 Fletcher Kittredge GWI ISP Requirements kittredge_1_0901.pdf
14 Charles Cook Qwest A Carrier's Perspective cook_1_0901.pdf
15 Carlos Ribeiro CTBC Telecom Local Operator Perspective ribeiro_1_0901.pdf
16 Bob Brown Verizon Avenue Marketplace Requirements brown_1_0901.pdf
17 Martin Adams 3Com Fitting EFM into the Ethernet Model adams_1_0901.pdf
18 J.C. Kuo Alloptic Block Diagram and Layer Model kuo_1_0901.pdf
Presentations Related to OAM
19 David Law 3Com Clause 30 Management law_1_0901.pdf
20 Ed Turner Lattice Semiconductor 802.3ae MDIO/MDC turner_1_0901.pdf
21 Hiroshi Suzuki Cisco Systems EFM OAM Common Protocol Proposal suzuki_1_0901.pdf
22 Denny Gentry Dominet Systems OAM in Frames gentry_1_0901.pdf
23 Roy Bynum WorldCom EFM Overhead Requirements bynum_1_0901.pdf
24 Roy Bynum WorldCom Method for Adding OAM to GbE PCS bynum_2_0901.pdf
25 Roy Bynum WorldCom Generic Data Communications Service Models bynum_5_0901.pdf
26 Roy Bynum WorldCom Generic Data Communications Service Models bynum_4_0901.pdf
Presentations Related to Forward Error Correction
27 Lior Khermosh Passave FEC Framing Considerations for EPON khermosh_1_0901.pdf
28 Raanan Ivry BroadLight FEC and Line Coding for EFM ivry_1_0901.pdf
29 Larry Rennie National Semiconductor FEC for EFM rennie_1_0901.pdf
Presentations Related to EPON
30 Gerry Pesavento Alloptic P2MP Issues pesavento_2_0901.pdf
31 Dolors Sala Broadcom Scope, Functional and Performance Reqs sala_1_0901.pdf
32 Walter Soto Agere P2MP Fiber General Architecture Proposal soto_2_0901.pdf
33 Glen Kramer Alloptic 4 Alternative Methods of Building P2MP kramer_2_0901.pdf
34 Glen Kramer Alloptic What is Ethernet Access Network? kramer_3_0901.pdf
35 Anh Ly Agere Protocol Independent PHY layer for PON ly_1_0901.pdf
36 Glen Kramer Alloptic 3 Layer EPON Protocol Proposal kramer_1_0901.pdf
37 Dolors Sala Broadcom A Flexible Architecture for EPON sala_2_0901.pdf
38 Ryan Hirth Terrawave An EPON System hirth_1_0901.pdf
39 Wenjia Wang Quantum Bridge EPON Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation wang_1_0901.pdf
40 Hiroshi Suzuki Cisco Systems Point to Point Emulation suzuki_2_0901.pdf
41 Osamu Yoshihara NTT Flexible Grant/Request Method for EPON yoshihara_1_0901.pdf
42 Onn Haran Passave Security Threats and Mechanisms haran_1_0901.pdf
43 Nicholas Frigo AT&T WDM Overlay of APON with EPON lam_1_0901.pdf
Presentations Related to Optical PMD
44 Vipul Bhatt Finisar Overview of Optical PMD Issues bhatt_1_0901.pdf
45 Paul Kolesar Lucent EPON Source Choice Drives the Fiber Choice kolesar_1_0901.pdf
46 Frank Effenberger Quantum Bridge OSP Optical Specifications effenberger_1_0901.pdf
47 Frank Effenberger Quantum Bridge PMD Optical Specifications effenberger_2_0901.pdf
48 Wael Diab Cisco Systems EPON Optical Considerations diab_1_0901.pdf
49 Walter Soto Agere Burst Mode Dynamic Performance Issues soto_1_0901.pdf
50 Jonathan Thatcher World Wide Packets Exploring P2P Options thatcher_1_0901.pdf
51 Robert Carlisle Corning Ethernet PON Fiber Considerations carlisle_1_0901.pdf
52 Piers Dawe Agilent Technologies The 10GigE Link Model dawe_1_0901.pdf
53 Piers Dawe Agilent Technologies Link Model Update dawe_2_0901.pdf
Presentations Related to Copper
54 Hugh Barrass Cisco Systems Copper Recap barrass_1_0901.pdf
55 Michael Beck Alcatel Specs for Subscriber Access Networks beck_1_0901.pdf
56 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos EFM Data Rate Analysis Part 2 (lower bound) rezvani_1_0901.pdf
57 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos EFM Data Rate Analysis Part A (spectral comp) rezvani_2_0901.pdf
58 George Ginis Stanford University Multipair Modeling ginis_1_0901.pdf
59 John Cioffi Stanford University Multipair Modeling cioffi_1_0901.pdf
60 Stephen Haas Infineon Capacity Calculations haas_1_0901.pdf
61 Vladimir Oksman Broadcom EFM Capabilities with Plan 998 oksman_1_0901.pdf
62 Patrick Stanley Elastic Networks 100BASE-CU Simulation Details stanley_1_0901.pdf
63 Patrick Stanley Elastic Networks 100BASE-CU Multimode stanley_2_0901.pdf
64 Krista Jacobsen Texas Instruments The Merits of Synchronized DMT jacobsen_1_0901.pdf
65 Marc Kimpe Adtran Size Should Not Matter kimpe_1_0901.pdf
66 Daun Langston Metanoia Technologies Ethernet Phys for Copper Subscriber Loop langston_1_0901.pdf
67 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems 10BASE-T4 Going the Extra Mile frazier_1_0901.pdf