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802.1ak - Multiple Registration Protocol

The full title of this standard is: "Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks - Amendment 07: Multiple Registration Protocol".

This standard specifies protocols, procedures, and managed objects to support the Multiple Registration Protocol (MRP). MRP allows participants in a MRP Application to register attributes with other participants in a Bridged Local Area Network. Two Applications are defined, to register VLANs (MVRP) and Group MAC addresses (MMRP). MVRP will furthermore provide for the rapid healing of network failures without interrupting services to unaffected VLANs.

The use of bridges by Ethernet Service Providers has greatly increased the number of VLANs and Group MAC Addresses in Provider Bridged Networks. The time and bandwidth required by the existing GVRP and GMRP protocols to register this information has become a dominant factor in the fault recovery time of a Provider Bridged Network. In a large network, localized topology changes can affect the service over a much larger portion of the network. This standard replaces GARP with MRP, greatly improving both situations.

Public networks represent a new and very broad application space for IEEE 802 technologies and specifically for Provider Bridges (P802.1ad). Operators of such networks require rapid convergence of optimized VLAN and Group MAC Address paths through their networks following a change of network topology. Hundreds of vendors and potential users (the Service Providers) of P802.1ad Provider Bridges have expressed the need both to improve the VLAN and MAC topology convergence time, to reduce the amount of processing required to serve the existing GVRP and GMRP protocols, and to reduce the disruption of traffic in a very large network by a topology change in a small portion of that network.

StatusIEEE Std 802.1ak-2006 approved March 22nd, 2007, published June 22nd, 2007. Superseded by 802.1Q-2011.
NoticeThere are two important errors in this standard, which are addressed in this corrigendum
DocumentDraft 8.0
DispositionsDraft 7.0 comment dispositions
EditorTony Jeffree

09 Jan 2005802.1ak, Draft 0.0
09 Mar 2005802.1ak, Draft 1.0
03 May 2005802.1ak, Draft 2.0
14 Jul 2005802.1ak, Draft 2.0 proposed comment dispositions
08 Sep 2005802.1ak, Draft 2.0 comment dispositions
25 Oct 2005802.1ak, Draft 3.0
15 Nov 2005802.1ak, Draft 3.0 proposed comment dispositions
24 Nov 2005802.1ak, Draft 3.0 comment dispositions
08 Dec 2005802.1ak, Draft 4.0
11 Jan 2006802.1ak, Draft 4.0 proposed comment dispositions
24 Jan 2006802.1ak, Draft 4.0 comment dispositions
01 Mar 2006802.1ak, Draft 5.0 (work in progress)
30 Mar 2006802.1ak, Draft 5.1
10 May 2006802.1ak, Draft 5.1 proposed comment dispositions
26 May 2006802.1ak, Draft 5.1 comment dispositions
10 Jun 2006802.1ak, Draft 6.0 with changebars
10 Jun 2006802.1ak, Draft 6.0
01 Sep 2006802.1ak, Draft 6.0 proposed comment dispositions
03 Oct 2006802.1ak, Draft 6.0 comment dispositions
06 Oct 2006802.1ak, Draft 7.0 cover letter
07 Oct 2006802.1ak, Draft 7.0 with changebars
07 Oct 2006802.1ak, Draft 7.0
03 Nov 2006802.1ak, Draft 7.0 proposed comment dispositions
15 Nov 2006802.1ak, Draft 7.0 comment dispositions
29 Nov 2006802.1ak, Draft 8.0 with changebars
29 Nov 2006802.1ak, Draft 8.0

18 May 2006Presentation ak-dengzhusheng-markup-for-individual-mac-registration-0506.pdf
18 May 2006Presentation ak-sultan-individual-mac-registration-requirement-0506.pdf
18 Jul 2007Presentation ak-draft-corrigendum-par-0707-v1.pdf

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