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Re: [802.21] [Mipshop] Re: Architectural Considerations for Handover InformationServices (was: Re: CARD Discussion Query Discussion)

On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 09:43:44PM +0200, Hong-Yon Lach wrote:
> >      
> I did not say that such information is not needed; I said that for certain
> HO and mobility management scheme IS may not be needed. That is, there are
> other ways to get such information. One example is that such information
> exchange can be (integral) part of the mobility management protocol with a
> mobility manager overseeing the heterogeneous networks.

I did not get your point.  Are you claiming that a mobility management
protocol may not require 802.21 IS, but it can exchange information
defined by 802.21 IS?

Yoshihiro Ohba