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IEEE P802.3bp RTPGE Task Force
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November 2013 Meeting Material
November 11 - 14, 2013, Dallas, TX
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All files (zipped) 6.4MB/15-November-13
Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
meeting minutes (unconfirmed) 1.2MB/15-November-13    
Agenda and General Information 113KB/15-November-13 Steve Carlson High Speed Design, Inc.
Channel Definitions Ad Hoc Report 140KB/10-November-13 Chris DiMinico
Mehmet Tazebay
MC Communications
  RTPGE Return Loss Proposal for 1-Pair Ethernet 349KB/10-November-13 Wayne Larsen
Richard Mei
Bryan Moffitt
Todd Herman
EMC Ad Hoc Report 297KB/12-November-13 Stefan Buntz
Mehmet Tazebay
Mode Conversion Measurement on Automotive Connecting Hardware 578KB/7-November-13 Bert Berg
Jens Wülfingner
Gary Yurko
TE Connectivity
IEEE 802.3bp Channel Measurements 775KB/7-November-13 Thomas Müller
Stephan Kunz
Gunnar Armbrecht
Sine Wave Interference Tolerance of RTPGE vs. TX launch Voltage 310KB/7-November-13 Will Bliss Broadcom Corp.
  Potential Broadband RFI In UHF Band 101KB/7-November-13 Xiaofeng Wang Qualcomm
Analysis of EMC Mode Conversion Measurement and Common Mode Impedance Effect 272KB/7-November-13 Shaoan Dai Marvell
RTPGE BCI Noise Analysis for Common Mode Termination & Grounding Effects 893KB/12-November-13 Mehmet Tazebay
Ahmad Chini
RTPGE Channel & Component Testing Experiences and Recommendations 990KB/12-November-13 Bryan Moffitt
Richard Mei,
Todd Herman
Jeff Oberski
EMC ad hoc BCI limit line survey 477KB/12-November-13 Stefan Buntz Daimler
Challenges of future Cabin Networks EMC requirements 565KB/13-November-13 Stefan Schneele EADS Deutschland GmbH

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