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  Interim Meeting Material
May 2017, New Orleans, LA, USA

Meeting Materials

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 30-May 17  (5.9M)

General Information

Agenda and General Information
 18-May 17 (309k)
John D'Ambrosia Futurewei, subsiary of Huawei
Chief Editor's Opening Report
  20-May-17 (54k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
Chief Editor's Closing Report
  30-May-26 (xxk)
Pete Anslow Ciena
SMF Ad Hoc
   18-May-17 (22k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
Electrical Interface Ad hoc
   18-May-17 (232k)
Andre Szczepanek InPhi
Optical Track Closing Report
    30-May-17 (xxk)
Pete Anslow Ciena
Electrical Track Closing Report
   30-May-17 (21k)
Andre Szczepanek InPhi
Approved Meeting Minutes
   23-July-17 (178k)
John D'Ambrosia Futurewei, subsidiary of Huawei

Liaisons & Communications

OIF to IEEE P802.3bs and P802.3cd regarding progress on OIF CEI-56G-MR-PAM and CEI-56G-LR-PAM
Attachment 1 (Password protected)
Attachment 2 (Password protected)
Nathan Tracy TE Connectivity

Meeting Presentations

Comments #28 - #29 - CL119 HI_Ser and Link Status
  18-May-17 (506k)
Oded Wertheim
Jeff Slavick
Comment #R01 - 16 - Suggested Text
   18-May-17 (94k)
Adee Ran Intel
Comments R01-22, R01-36, Comparison of Chip to Chip COM Transmitter with Tx Specifications.
   22-May-17 (820k)
Mike Dudek
Tao Hu
Comments i-73 - Package impedance and termination effect on COM
   18-May-17 (667k)
Mike Dudek
Nikhil Patel
Comment #48 - Baseline Wander with FEC
   18-May-17 (188k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
Comment #45, 52, 53 - Improved Extinction Ration Specs
   18-May-17 (536k)
Piers Dawe Mellanox
RIN and TDECQ Spec Change for 400GBase-LR8
  24-May-17 (579k)
Xianxu Peng
Shaoyun Yi
Winston Way
Comment r01-21: Proposed reference equalizer change in Clause 124 - updated results
  24-May-17 (1.9M)
Marco Mazzini
Matt Traverso
Comments 28 & 29: Proposed Text
  24-May-17 (256k)
Mark Gustlin Xilinx
LATE - Improved return loss limit for C2C
   30-May-17 (536k)
Piers Dawe Mellanox

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