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Re: [802SEC] Status on P&P Revisions / Agenda for Sunday Night 'Rules' meeting


In the LMSC Procedures and Process document:
1. I am not sure what "Any approval granted to a motion that does not have
the required data shall be rescinded." in clause 21 means.  If a motion has
been made and that motion passes, how do you propose to "rescind" that
motion?  Who has the authority to say that "required data" is not present?
Is the authority to do this absolute?

Proposed resolution: delete this green sentence.  Change my vote to "no"
until this sentence is deleted.

In the LMSC Organization document:
1. The EC has no business second-guessing an approved PAR.  The EC had its
chance at a decision before forwarding the PAR to SA.

Proposed resolution: Delete "When determined appropriate by the EC" from the
beginning of 7.2.  Chang my vote to "no", until this change has been made.

2. In "Hibernating Working Group Chairs become non-voting members
of the EC after their Working Group enters Hibernation." is indeterminate.
How long after?

Proposed resolution: change "after" to "when".  Change my vote to "no" until
this change is made.

In the LMSC Miscellaneous issue document:
1. There is nothing in the purpose/rationale section of this document that
supports removing Robert's Rules.  Deletion of this leaves us without any
reference for the conduct of meetings.

Proposed resolution: reinstate the reference.  Maintain my "no" vote until
this change is undone.

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We've held 4 two hours P&P Revision telecon's but we just aren't there
yet.  Aside from the fact that we have not discussed all the comments,
the telecon's have often been lightly attended, and I question if the
current resolutions represent the desires of the EC as a whole.


I have attached the current resolutions and comments for all four of the
ballots I'm running to this e-mail. (I've combined parts 1 and 2 of the
'miscellaneous issues' ballot into one file).  The voting status and
comments are at the ends of each of the files which also include
recommended resolutions to date.  The original ballot changes are
highlighted in yellow.  Recommended comment resolutions are highlighted
in green.  I have indicated in the attached files which comments have
been considered and which have not.


Please review the attached files.  If you object to any of the proposed
resolutions in green please let me know prior to the Sunday session so
they can be reconsidered.  If you have comments that have not already
been made please send them to the reflector.  Monday I will take a straw
poll on each ballot to see where things stand.  It is REALLY important
that I have as full a participation as possible on Sunday night!
Otherwise people won't know what the status is for the straw polls
Monday.  I ask WG Chairs who cannot make the session to send a
representative if possible.  I've also extended the hours of the
meeting.  If you can only make part of it (particularly if there is a
particular issue you want to be present for) please let me know and I
will try to adjust the agenda to accommodate you.  


The currently planned agenda is provided below.








P&P Revision Resolution meeting Agenda (6 PM- 10 PM 1/17/05)


Review of Resolutions on 'LMSC Organization' ballot

Complete comment resolution on 'LMSC Procedures and Process' ballot

Complete comment resolution on 'Miscellaneous Issues' ballot

Complete comment resolution on 'WG Membership and Meetings' ballot

Other P&P related issues from floor










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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.