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Re: [802SEC] Responses on venue for March 2009


My official response is ROME for March 2009.  Waiting until 2011 is simply

That is not just my personal view, but the overwhelming result of a
strawpoll in .22 at the Sept interim.  (The poll in the joint opening
plenary of all of the wireless WGs except .16 was likewise overwhelming ...)

Sorry, but the members also don't seem to want to give you the easy way out
(Vancouver) - it's pretty clear to me that they also believe that we must
"walk the walk" on being international.

I, for one, am disappointed that all of the intervening opportunities have
apparently been foreclosed by contracting for NA rather than non-NA venues.
It was my understanding that we set a policy somewhere around a year ago of
having at least one 802 plenary a year in a non-NA venue ... Which doesn't
"jive" with there being no opportunities between March 2009 and 2011.  (If I
recall correctly, at that time we were booked up until March 2009.  How did
everything between March 2009 and 2011 get filled up without at least one
non-NA venue in between?


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> Colleagues,    Where there has been a good amount of discussion and
> comment on the venue proposals for March 2009 which were sent 
> out, I had
> asked that we get an official response from each WG chair based on a
> poll at their interim session and an official indication of their
> preference from our other SEC members that are without WG members.  To
> date I have only one official response from Bob Heile for 802.15.  Can
> the rest of you please report back to me on your WG/personal 
> preference
> ASAP so that we can zero in on our target for March 2009 and 
> try and get
> a signed contract in place for us.  Time is of the essence 
> !!!    :-)  
> Thanx again for your help and support.  
> Thanx,  Buzz
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