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Re: [802SEC] +++Motion to amend March 2009 venue from Rome IT to Vancouver BC+++urgent--please cast your vote quickly+++open: 26NOV07

Roger -

Thanks for the clarification. The first Yahoo hit actually has 3 
separate user reports of the wild dogs, all dated this year, so 
apparently not out of date.


At 07:42 27/11/2007, Roger B. Marks wrote:
>The first hit on Yahoo includes a user comment that "Walking outside
>the hotel grounds is not adviseable because of some wild dogs that
>roam the area outside the hotel gates."
>The fourth hit on Google includes a user comment referring to
>"dangerous neighborhood infested with wild dogs".
>If you add in the name of the hotel, you can find some more on this
>topic: "It is unsafe to even jog outside, because there is a colony
>of wild dogs living in the hill side just outside the hotel."
>Of course, these reports may be false or out of date, but I find them
>hard to overlook. Even though I do like dogs.
>On Nov 26, 2007, at 10:27 PM, Tony Jeffree wrote:
>>At 19:58 26/11/2007, Roger B. Marks wrote:
>>>(2) The available venue in the vicinity of Rome is poorly located and
>>>includes insufficient facilities. Although I have no personal
>>>experience of the hotel, it's hard for me to overlook the fact that
>>>one can track it down by searching the Internet for "Rome Hotel wild
>>Roger -
>>I haven't managed to track it down at all by Googling on that
>>search string - can you enlighten me please as to the reference you
>>found, and the relevance of the "wild dogs" bit?
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