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[802SEC] Draft IEEE P802.3ba 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet press release

Hey David,
I have no real heartburn here, but it does raise some questions:

1. Is this a usual and customary practice for us? Do we often (ever?) put
out a press release when a standard goes to working group? Just wondering
about the precedent, and opportunities for future mischief (if not here, in
other similar releases, should this one set the precedent). Also, we might
find ourselves awash in these things if we aren't carefull.

2) I'm assuming this was edited with assistance from IEEE staff (ostensibly
the Karen, who's name it carries)?
3) Is it wise/advisable to put the expected date of completion out there in
writing like this? How sure are we of that?

4) What would be your protocol should approval be reached on Friday, but
small editorial changes be deemed necessary? Should your motion allow for

5) That second paragraph, while probably required, is a real yawner!   Any
chance that could be absorbed into the boilerplate the typically is appended
to the bottom of these things? If the intended audience is the press/analyst
community remember they have short attention spans...

6) Why is "eco-system" hyphenated?


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