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Re: [802SEC] PARs under consideration at the NOV09 plenary


Good questions--I need to check our rules and attempt to recollect precedents.  Based on that check/recollection my answers are as follows--but I may have missed something, so please double check my review:

1) After looking through the current rules, here is what I found:

a) 802 OM WG Voting at Meeting ...Any matter regarding the establishment or modification of a PAR or that would make a noneditorial change to a draft standard shall be a technical issue.
b) 802 OM 3.3.2 Voting at Study Group Meetings Any person attending a Study Group meeting may vote on all motions (including recommending approval of a PAR). A vote is carried by 75% of those present and voting "Approve" or "Disapprove."
c) 802 OM 11.3 Procedure for PARs Plenary Review Prior to the start of the IEEE 802 session, draft PARs and 5 criteria under consideration for approval by the Sponsor shall be available at a publicly accessible URL and an email sent to the Sponsor reflector should contain the URLs required for viewing the PAR and associated documentation..

Note--in 1c above the requirement for 'associated documentation' is called out.  In my view one of the key elements of 'associated documentation' is the the WG vote which approved the PAR and 5C.

2) At some point in the past, (I don't remember exactly when--its in the minutes I'm sure) I asked the EC members to supply the numercial results of the WG vote on the draft PAR and 5C.  I continue to believe this information is of value to the EC in evaluating and making decisions on draft PARs.  To be clear, I am asking for only the WG vote on the PAR and 5C--it can be as a whole or it can be individually--it is up to each WG to determine how they conduct the PAR and 5C decision.



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> Paul,
> To avoid confusion for some of us who will be having votes in Atlanta confirming a PAR/5C can you please provide precise answers to the following two questions?
> 1. What is the rule regarding how the WG shall approve a PAR/5C and what information needs to be provided to the EC?
> 2. What additional information beyond #1 you are requesting that we provide?
> Thanks,
> Steve

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