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[802SEC] 802.11z RevCom submittal

Dear EC members,


Per out process which states a WG Chair may submit a draft to RevCom without EC approval ' provided that the Sponsor Chair first notifies the Sponsor email reflector that, in the Chair's view based on the complete RevCom package, there is a reasonable expectation that the submittal will be approved by the Sponsor before the RevCom meeting.'.


Bruce Kraemer has requested I review the status of the 802.11z project in preparation for RevCom review.  I have determined there is a reasonable expectation the attached submittal will be approved by the EC before the next RevCom meeting and, via this email, am notifying the EC as such.  See the details below.











The 4th recirculation ballot on IEEE P802.11z  D12.0 closed with the following 



124 affirmative votes

5 negative votes with comments

0 negative votes without comments

8 abstention votes


95 % returned

5% abstention

96% affirmative



At the close of the ballot (Monday August 13) there were zero new disapprove votes and zero comments and we believed we had met all conditional approval conditions of clause 14.  There were 21 outstanding unsatisfied comments.

While preparing the EC ballot package  (see presentation at  ) and contacting the remaining no voters we discovered one comment resolution had proposed a text change that was accidentally omitted from the draft. As a result the CRC held a regularly scheduled meeting, reviewed the amended draft (now D13.0) and decided and reballot it. The recirculation will begin Thursday August 19 and conclude on Sunday August 29. If successful, I will update the EC report and the RevCom submission package accordingly.


We already have received notification from 2 of the 5 remaining no voters that they will change their votes from no to yes as a result of the draft correction so we believe this action is the most appropriate to improve the quality of the draft.  There are currently 21 outstanding unsatisfied comments.


Based on these facts I would like to proceed to submit IEEE P802.11z to RevCom in order to meet the 20th August submittal deadline. 


Once the recirculation is complete I will perform an EC email ballot to confirm that the submittal package remain on the September RevCom agenda.




Bruce Kraemer 


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