IEEE Std 802.16-2012: Publication History

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IEEE Std 802.16-2012 (Revision of IEEE Std 802.16-2009, developed by Maintenance Task Group under the draft title "P802.16Rev3"). This project developed the third revision of IEEE Std 802.16, following IEEE Std 802.16-2001, IEEE Std 802.16-2004, and IEEE Std 802.16-2009. It consolidates IEEE Standards 802.16-2009, 802.16j-2009, 802.16h-2010, and 802.16m-2011. However, the WirelessMAN-Advanced Air Interface specified in IEEE 802.16m is not included, because it is moved to standalone IEEE Std 802.16.1.

Air Interface for Broadband Wireless Access Systems
Released Download
Pages Status
2013-02-28 IEEE Std 802.16-2012 2614 Entered Get IEEE 802 program (free download)
2012-08-17 IEEE Std 802.16-2012 2614 Published by IEEE, 2012-08-17 (approved 2012-06-08)
2012-04-23 D6 2614 approved by IEEE-SA Standards Board, 2012-06-08, following review in IEEE-SA Sponsor Ballot Recirc #3; publication as IEEE Std 802.16-2012 to follow
2012-03-30 D5 2614 review in IEEE-SA Sponsor Ballot Recirc #2
2012-02-06 D4 2612 review in IEEE-SA Sponsor Ballot Recirc #1
2011-11-28 D3 2610 for confirmation in WG Letter Ballot Recirc #35a & IEEE-SA Sponsor Ballot
2011-10-08 D2 2610 review in WG Letter Ballot #35
2011-08-26 D1 2606 TG Draft for Call for Comments; not for sale

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