IEEE 802.16's Maintenance Task Group

IEEE 802.16's Maintenance Task Group is chartered to maintain IEEE Std 802.16 through ongoing maintenance activities, including interpretations, and by leading the development of revision, corrigenda, and maintenance amendment projects.

The Maintenance Task Group most recently developed the P802.16Rev4 project. This is a revision of IEEE Std 802.16-2012, incorporating three amendments (P802.16p, P802.16n, and P802.16q).

The TG earlier developed IEEE Std 802.16-2012 under the P802.16Rev3 Project. This is a revision of IEEE Std 802.16-2009, incorporating three amendments (P802.16h, P802.16j, and P802.16m) but excluding the WirelessMAN-Advanced radio interface, which is to be moved to a standalone standard. It also developed IEEE Std 802.16.1-2012, a new standalone version of WirelessMAN-Advanced radio interface first specified in IEEE Std 802.16m.

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The Maintenance Task Group Leadership Team is:

Harry Bims, Bims Laboratories, Inc. (Chair)

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